Bracelet Quick Fix with Nail-polish

I bought the following bracelet about two years ago at the beach. Unfortunately the pink paint chipped off fairly quickly, but hey you get what you pay for. Instead of collecting dust in my jewelry cabinet I decided to try a quick fix. Nail-polish.

With just a few swipes it is back to an acceptable outside appearance.  Not sure how long it will last, but hey another swipe of polish should do the trick.

Unintentional Blog Maternity Leave

Who knew that having baby #2 would be such a game changer. I mean, I wasn’t clueless, but when we were in the thick of it I felt pretty clueless.  Who am I kidding, we are still in the thick of it.

People say the move from 1 child to 2 is the hardest. While you recognize it will be difficult, you ask “how difficult can it be, we’ve done this before.” Yes, you are prepared to repeat the phases and stages, but you soon realize you aren’t prepared for what it is like to deal with kids in two different stages. Like, it’s normal for a 3-year-old to go through a Linda Blair phase. Even with all the ups and downs I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Here are a few things I learned about moving from 1 to 2 (and I don’t know how you people have 3+)

1. Time is fleeting, no matter how much you plan ahead, you will need to give something up, like blogging… for almost a year. What can I say these two little control freaks come first.

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2. If a baby sleeps through the night in the first few weeks, it doesn’t mean they will continue to do so…

3. A sleep regression that last months isthe best. Zzzzzzz!

4. No baby proofing for the first child means nailing everything to the ceiling for the second.

5. Did I mention time? Definitely your worst enemy.

6. Exercise to lose the baby weight doesn’t come easy (see 1 & 3).

7. Apparently cysts and surgery at 1 year is pretty typical.

8. Don’t blink, your baby will be 1

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9. The love between siblings is real

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Great day with friends. #mylittlebunnies🐰

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10. The love/hate between siblings is also very real

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11. Bed time is not relaxing…

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12. You could vacuum 24/7, crumbs are the latest accessory

13. You never realize how much you can juggle until you have to hold a squirming baby while assisting your novice potty trained child in a public bathroom.

14. You give up on germs…

15. Then everyone gets sick in chain reaction and you go back on #14

16. Watching Little Control Freak the 2nd light up when he sees Little Control Freak = priceless

17. 1:1 time with each of the kids is important, for everyone

18. 1:1 time with your partner is equally important

19. 1:1 time for yourself even more important

20. Do your best and forget the rest #justkeepswimming

Failure or Fantasy

I set out to be a DIYer, organization goddess, super working mom, and chose to chronicle it here in hopes of sharing win’s, losses, and lessons learned. Right now i’m not certain if i’m a complete failure or if it was a complete fantasy.

While it is easy to be disappointed in our lack of achievements, life is not about perfection. We tend to forget little things mean a lot. Thank you to the Huffington Post for the reminder.  This video is a gentle reminder of what’s important in life.

Do your best and forget the rest….Hope to blog you sooner than later.

Where’s the Blog?!?

Boy I’ve been slacking, or have I? I’ve been enjoying life with the littles and been able to control my freakish self by worrying less about the mess and feeling the need that I need to get everything done (including the blog oops). Doesn’t mean I don’t still have the urge to decorate, organize, and blog.

I hope to get back to blogging and projects, especially now that Little Control Freak the 2nd is a bit more independent needing less 24/7 attention, more like 12/7 thanks to sleeping through the night and finger foods.

With two kids i’m realizing more and more there is no magical equation to a schedule and that you just need to roll with the punches. Scheduling family time, spouse time, me time, etc. is still a must, but there is no guarantee for consistency. Hoping at the very least I can be consistent with scheduling the time.

Here’s some photos of our busy lives, more projects to come soon.

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Great day with family

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Aces first pool day #aceandanya #hesnotimpressed

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Someone's eager to move 😳#aceacebaby #8monthsold

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Sunday Suppers: Ranch Cheddar Chicken

Sunday Suppers

Chicken is a staple for our meals and it can get boring really quick, luckily Pinterest keeps spicing it up.  Here is another Pinspiration that was easy and yummy.

Christmas Tour Day 3 of 3

Final Day! I love having the whole house decorated and I aspire to some day have every room decked out, even our upstairs. For now we have a few touches in our bedrooms and bathrooms. Stay tuned for some homemade snowflakes to add for more ambience upstairs.

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday Infant Edition

Fashion Friday

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Love Zutano and their fun prints.  Thanks Queen B for the cute outfit.

Belated Mother’s Day Don’t Worry Be Happy

I started working on this post for Mother’s Day, obviously it’s late but that’s because someone else was early! Our little man arrived almost 3 weeks early, the day before Mother’s Day, what a great gift!

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Proud big sis

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Love Zutano booties #warmtoes #zutanobootie

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You’ll be seeing plenty of Little Control Freak the 2nd (LCF2) in future posts. But for now back to blogging and the completion of my initial post. It may not speak to everyone, but it definitely was an important thought or aha moment for myself on this adventure as a mom. Happy Belated Mother’s Day, to all the Mother figures out there!


Happy Mother’s Day, Don’t Worry Be Happy

As a human race, we often fall into the trap of “Keeping up with the Joneses.”
As women we tend to compare ourselves to other women, especially celebrities.
As moms, well, we tend to be the hardest on ourselves wondering what we could do more, not for ourselves, but those who depend on us most.

We often say, if I had more money, if I had more time, if if if…
What IF we were happy with who we were and what we have? Let’s take Bobby McFerrin’s advice, Don’t Worry Be Happy. 

Now with that said i’m not saying we should settle, as there is nothing wrong with aspiring to reach goals and improve ourselves. Everyone needs to continue to grow, but I’m willing to bet that most moms feeling the pressure to keep up with their neighbors and friends probably don’t have it so terrible. In a time when budgets are tight and many are working paycheck to paycheck perhaps we should focus on some gratitude for what we do have, which will surely teach our kids to not continually want more. After all, if we as moms are jonesing for the biggest house, fancy car, unrealistic fit body, what will our kids be learning? They don’t always take our advice, but they will always learn by our example. Perhaps if we are happy with the life we are living they will be too?

My thoughts aren’t meant to come across as a harsh lesson on one of the most joyous days of the year, but really more to say, Mom you are enough, you are doing the best you can, and most likely providing an incredible home/lifestyle for your kids. They don’t need the latest gadgets and gizmos; they need your love, quality attention (not quantity), support and most importantly a great role model to inspire them that life is about much more than “Keeping up with the Joneses.” It’s about being happy with who you are, self esteem! Kids don’t know, or care, if they aren’t living in the biggest house until you show dismay about it. They don’t know the difference of a stay at home mom vs. a working mom, but they do know quality time. They will live by your example, if you are stressed and unhappy with what you have, they will be too. If you are happy and show confidence about the life you lead, they will be too.

So hopefully, just maybe by the time they are old enough to know the difference, your positive example will be ingrained in their heads to realize experiences, memories, and self-pride/happiness trump whatever the Joneses have. So on this mother’s day, don’t worry be happy! Realize how good the life you live is. All the little people in your house will follow suit and down the road will surely appreciate the valuable life lesson they learned early on.

Great articles about this topic:

The Beauty in not Keeping up with the Joneses

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Must Have Monday

Haven’t done one of these in awhile! It’s no secret I love candles, especially Bath and Body Works Candles! I recently purchased some new scents for spring that i’m in love with.

Whether you need to make some mother’s day purchases or you just want to freshen up your home, get out and buy these! Bath and Body Works candles smell great, they burn evenly and nicely, and they can really fill a home. They are always having sales so watch for great deals and steals and stock up.

These scents are great for the men in your house, some are very woodsy right up their alley!