Spring & Summer Decor House Tour

Yes i’m about 4-5 months late to the game on this one, but hey that’s life. I love decorating for the holidays, but by the time I get through the quick Fall, to Christmas, to Winter switchovers; i’m ready for a decor cleanse.

Somewhere during February, I get sick of looking at those cute snowman with their smiling faces mocking me that it’s still colder than a witches you know what. Hoping for Spring in March, I take down the winter decor and start the cleanse. Going from what seems like decor clutter (which some might say about my holiday tradition) to a clean fresh look for Spring and Summer, is a breathe of fresh air. What I like even more than the fresh new look is the fact that Spring and Summer decor stays up from March – September.  That’s the longest stretch of the year, which is nice because although I like decorating, each holiday is a lot of time and work with littles in the house.

If you recall, I’m not an Easter decorator. Mostly because it’s such a blip on the radar, i’d rather save my time and energy for spring cleaning or enjoying the nice outside weather. But this year, I did break down and put up 3 chicks. When Easter was over they came down and my Spring to Summer switchover lasted all of 2 minutes. Win! Here’s a look at this year’s decor, with yes I know some crappy photos. You know those little people don’t help with me honing my photography skills. Also take a look at some furniture shifts in preparation for a new flow and new chairs!

New Layout

Now remember, this blog was supposed to be created about 4 months ago *close your eyes and imagine.* We had the below layout for Christmas so the Christmas Tree could be in the corner by the fireplace (where the blanket ladder is). I was liking the nice closed in look. Very intimate. What I wasn’t liking, our nice cozy chair & ottoman perfect to lay by the fireplace, situated across the room next to the kitchen. It was time for a change.


Living Room Layout Christmas

We did some shifting around and I loved it. The old wingback chair and bouncy seat was temporary, as we had plans to buy new chairs before Little Control Freak the 2nd’s birthday party. Where we will put our Christmas Tree this year, well we will worry about that later.


Living Room Layout New

My new favorite cozy nook.


Living Room Chair Fireplace

Another quick fix, our end tables. A hand me down from my parents, they are still in great shape after what must be 15 – 20+ years. But the drawer pulls on them are very outdated. My fix, turn the table around so you can’t see the drawer and the pulls. Might be the cheat way out, but until we are sure of what we want to do with them, this is how we do it. And lets not talk about the overspilling art desk and basket off to the left of the photo, that was a late night job for another day.


Dining Room & Foyer

With the craziness of LCF2 being on the move, Spring decor needed to be a quick fix. I had good intentions of some new creative ideas, but I’ll reserve them for 2018. Instead I added lots of faux flowers in purple and yellow, a few chicks here and there, some new hanging baskets, and faux succulents.


Living Room


Powder Room



One of these days i’ll figure out how to get a great shot of the branch…



Mermaid and surfer for a summer look. Flowers in full bloom!


Few quick switches for summer.


Looking forward to keeping this until my favorite season –  Fall, September is calling, where did the summer go?

Spring Decor Updates

Changing from winter to spring decor is very liberating! I don’t do a lot of decorating for Easter, instead just Spring/Summer decor that is simple.  Here are some updates around the house.

Living Room


Dining Room


Powder RoomIMG_7073IMG_7074



Four Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning


Nothing like a few warm days in March to make you want to open the windows and see all the dirt and grime from winter… wait! what? eww! So much for fresh clean air. For me, this starts the kick-off of spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning may have a different meaning and include different tasks for different people. In short, it is typically the overhaul cleaning of the year. If you are keeping up with cleaning and organizing throughout the year, this effort won’t be so arduous, but we know life isn’t that simple.

Here are four tips to get through your spring cleaning:

1. Don’t Attempt to Complete it in One Weekend

If you are able to do so, great! But don’t stress yourself out and feel the pressure to complete it in a day or a weekend. I use the month of March to complete all of my spring cleaning, that way I can spend dedicated time to be thorough and do the job right the first time. It’s called spring cleaning for a reason, not one weekend cleaning, so take the spring to do so.

2. Take it One Room at a Time

The best part about doing it over the month of March is the ability to take it one room at a time, wow what less pressure! Whether you focus on an individual room one day OR perhaps as part of your normal cleaning routine you spend more time on a specific room. You have the flexibility to decide, just don’t procrastinate, divide your room responsibility over each week of March. Have 12 rooms over the 4 weeks of March, be sure to complete 3 rooms in a week.  That’s not so bad, and if one room needs extra attention be sure to budget extra time that week.

3. Be Thorough!

Some of these tasks should be done several times a year, but this is my typical checklist for each room (looking for more details by room, Google Spring Cleaning Checklist, you’ll find many lists):

  1. Take down winter decorations!
  2. Thoroughly clean all surfaces, shelves, and wipe out drawers/trash cans
  3. Wash curtains, bedding, pillows, throw rugs
  4. Clean windows
  5. Sort through clothing: out of season clothing should go in storage, items that don’t fit or are no longer worn should be trashed, sold, or donated
  6. Fold and sort drawer/closet supplies neatly, this is the time to reset any jumbled messes
  7. Go through drawers, closets, pantry’s and be sure to dispose of any expired products, medicine, food, etc.
  8. Vacuum thoroughly, yes that means behind furniture, trim, vents, and corners where cobwebs set up shop
  9. Clean your floors thoroughly, including carpet cleaning
  10. Change batteries in smoke detectors

4. Don’t Start New Projects/Don’t Get Distracted

While spring cleaning may be a good time to complete unfinished projects, I don’t consider it time to start new ones. Spring cleaning is the reset button to get your house orderly, organized, and clean. Once you have done this you can start fresh with projects and gardening because your house will be so pristine! So don’t get distracted by fixer upper jobs, leave that for April and the summer when you have a fresh slate to start with.

Spring Awakening! Spring Decor Home Tour

Spring has sprung!  Okay not really, but I’ve had enough of the snow, frost, and frigid weather; so I’ve decided to at least warm things up inside the Control Freak house.  Spring decorations are out and it looks so minimal compared to the Christmas/Winter decorations, but it was time for a much-needed change.  I’m not a big fan of Easter decorations so everything is Spring/Summer related, meaning this is the long decor season.  Stays up for 6 months vs. Fall, Christmas, Winter which is a quick and arduous turnover (but still enjoyable).  Nice reprieve, can’t wait to sink my toes into some sand and sunshine!  It’s coming!


Dining RoomDining Room Chalk Art Dining Room Ice Box 1

Dining Room Ice Box

Dining Room Bird Cage

FireplaceFire Place Mantel 2Fireplace Mantel 4Fireplace Mantel 3Leaf Vase

Florida Room Table

Center piece bottlesCenter piece flower Christmas Cactus
Florida Room Votive

The Spring Cleaning You Forgot

The dreaded task of spring cleaning.  I might be a few weeks late on this post, but with the abominable winter we have had I don’t think anyone was going to trade fresh air and sunshine for cleaning.  Spring cleaning is a no brainer, you clean the house from top to bottom, inside out, to rinse off the residue of winter doldrums, or if you have small children winter germs, yuck!  Now if you are a true control freak your house is already glowing so this won’t take much effort.  Besides the seemingly disinfecting nature of this glorious task, it’s also a great time to switch over to your warm weather wardrobe and clean out your clutter like you’re moving.  Yes, unload your junk!  We don’t hold on to it when we move into a new home so why are you holding on to it in your current home?  I digress…

Now I know you have the obvious spring cleaning tasks down, but what about those few things you didn’t think of doing?  I’m here to remind you of them or at least give you a few more tasks during Spring to get your life in order. Keep in mind some of these tasks should be done more than once a year, but adding them to your spring cleaning routine is a great start!

  1. Clean your garbage cans
    Yes this truly is a task.  Not only do garbage cans collect odor they collect tons of germs!  Here are some trash cleaning tips from Real Simple.
  2. Change/clean filters
    Your house has many filters that you may not be thinking of.  Now is a good time to clean them or replace them.  Here’s a few to start: Coffee Maker, Refrigerator Water Dispenser, Humidifier, HVAC System, Air Conditioner, Vacuum Cleaner, Household vents, etc.
  3. Picture Frames
    A tedious task, but you love the people captured in the photos, so don’t let them be overrun by dust bunnies!  Give them some tender love and care so they can see out that pretty glass window again.
  4. Expired Products
    I’m not just talking about what’s in your refrigerator.  Now’s a good time to go through your kitchen pantry, medicine cabinet, and toiletries.  They all have a shelf life for a good reason.  Most medications and toiletries have expiration dates on them, you might need a magnifying glass to read them, but they are there.  When in doubt toss anything that has changed in smell, color, or texture.  Here are some general guidelines from Real Simple on items that aren’t required to display expiration dates.
  5. Pillows
    Another breeding ground for germs.  Wash them or replace them.  If you can’t wash them try the “sanitize” function on your dryer.  Many of the newer dryers offer this capability.
  6. Toys
    If you have kids you have plenty of toys which also have plenty of germs.  Here are some tips from Fisher Price on how to adequately disinfect toys.
  7. Magazines and Newspapers
    Have magazines and newspapers from three plus months ago?  If you didn’t read them then, chances are you aren’t going to read them now, so get rid of that paper tower.  Rule of thumb, keep ONLY the three most recent issues.
  8. Cell Phone
    Think of all the places your cell phone touches!  Give it a nice swipe with a disinfecting wipe, that thing goes next to your mouth after all!
  9. Digital Housekeeping
    Do a digital dump. Clean up your computer desktop, clean out your email, rid yourself of unnecessary files, and for god sake if you aren’t doing this regularly back it up!
  10. Ladies and well I guess some gentleman, clean your makeup brushes!
    Spring isn’t the only time you should be doing this, more likely once a month, but the change of season is a great reminder to dust everything off including your eye shadow brush.  You don’t need fancy cleaner to do this, simple dove bar soap or even olive oil will do the trick. Not only will they get disinfected, but they’ll also get moisturized increasing their lifespan.  Your face and your wallet will thank you.  Here are a few DIY cleaning tips.