The Skinny on Losing Baby Weight, #notsoskinny

Have you seen those super fit pregnant women and the new mom’s who bounce back within a month of having a baby? Yeah that wasn’t me. Let’s not hate on them, even though we are envious…..okay actually super jealous, but applaud whatever they did to get there. Now back to the rest of us.

I gained weight without even trying with baby #1, 58 *cough cough* lbs. I stayed fairly active during my pregnancy, but surely not my normal regimen. Because I stayed active, along with a lot of running post baby, I was back in my bikini 9 months later. But before you jump on the hate wagon, baby #2 was much different. At 15 months post baby, I’m still a work in progress. This time around I only gained 45 lbs, okay strike the only that’s still a lot, but I had a broken tailbone towards the end of my pregnancy so activity became limited.

Start of the Journey

Having a baby in May 2016, my goal was to be back in a bikini by the summer of 2017.  A whole year seemed VERY realistic. By June I had already lost 25 pounds without effort, I guess that’s why they tell you to keep your weight gain to 25 – 30 lbs……. moving on! I felt motivated and positive, I even thought I might fit back in my jeans for the Fall! I started working out on maternity leave and seemed to jump back in easier than I expected, you know the whole tailbone thing could have been a major set back. Then I had to go back to work…

Of course, as soon as you get into a groove, it changes. With work, still nursing/pumping, and dealing with everyday life my momentum hit a wall. I couldn’t find ample time to workout, and even when I tried I felt awful. Between exercise, eating healthy, nursing, and stress I nearly passed out a number of times. I felt defeated and really cut out exercising. That’s when the sense of failure came in, especially seeing the other fit new moms. I wasn’t bouncing back, I wasn’t motivated, and I was just trying to keep up with my exhausted self.

Before I knew it, I was 9 months post baby. I was DEFINITELY not bikini ready. In fact I had barely lost any weight beyond the first 25 lbs. Talk about depressing. This was the moment I knew I needed to kick it in gear.

Turning Point

Right around this time our sweet 13 year-old dog Roxy started suffering from seizures, I know, one more thing to the list! She now required medicine every 8 hours, which meant, in order to give her medicine during our work lunch break, her first dose needed to be at 4:30 AM. Say what! Well that was just the motivation I needed to workout. At 4:30 AM I gave Roxy her medicine and then went to the basement to workout (even if I sometimes had an early riser join me).

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The Plan, The Struggle, The Status

  1. Stop Nursing
    This relieved a lot of issues and stress. Plus I had a freezer supply and Little Control Freak the 2nd was eating real food like a champ.
  2. P90X3
    I started the P90X3 program which meant 30 minutes a day for 90 days, I can do this! 30 minutes a day was not only doable, but a great way to ease back in.
  3. 30 Days In…
    I lost 2 pounds, and 3 inches overall. Okay not what I was expecting, but I didn’t blink. I must be building muscle!
  4. 60 Days In… Weight is Only a Number
    I only lost 1 additional pound, but 3 more inches. This was a blow, I thought it would be melting off by now. That’s when I realized I needed to stop focusing on numbers. I was feeling great, I was definitely more fit, and realized I needed to be patient. This was going to be a marathon and not a sprint. This post with pictures that prove weight is just a number was helpful and put things in perspective.
  5. 90 Days In…
    After 90 days of P90X3, running on lunch breaks, and eating healthy I had lost a total of 6 pounds and 9.25 inches. This was not on top of the 60 Days, this was the total! Yes it was progress, but WTF! Why couldn’t I lose the weight. I was extremely frustrated and getting bored with my workouts. After seeing a Facebook Ad I decided to switch it up.
  6. Buti Yoga
    Yes it sounds silly and looks silly, but OMG it is a workout! After 90 days of Tony Horton I could barely keep up with this chick, who BTW recorded her DVDs 12 weeks post baby….. let’s just say I have a whole new respect for the Yogis of the world. Within 2 weeks of this new program I saw a difference. I was losing more weight and toning quickly.
  7. Rest Period
    In June I had a lot of issues with my asthma (you know the asthma I didn’t have until I was pregnant, the irony). I had to cut back on workouts while I was sick and rest. Oddly enough, I lost weight. Who knew! I realized I needed more rest, more food, and to maybe cut back on how hard I was working out. My body wasn’t recovering and therefore wasn’t letting go of those extra lbs.
  8. DIY Workout Program
    That brings us to July. I created my own workout plan with all the different things I like to do (Buti Yoga, P90X3, swimming, running, biking). My schedule included more rest days and even allowed for more food. Magically the weight and inches started to melt away. Like to the point people asked what I was doing *swoon.*
  9. 15 months post baby…
    Now at 15 months post baby, I am at my pre-baby weight, but not my goal weight. And pre-baby weight does not mean i’ll be strutting around the pool in a bikini, i’m still not back to my old body. I plan to keep going and get in the best shape I can without stressing myself out.

Moral of the story. Focus on what makes you happy and healthy (not the numbers), find out what works for you (workouts aren’t one size fits all), and most of all be patient (you went through a lot to bring that life into this world, cut yourself a break).




Fitbit Your Way to the TV

P1140457I’ve recently acquired a fitbit.  I thought I moved a lot during the day, but boy did the fitbit sure prove me wrong!  I realized it even more when I entered a work contest.  The simple goal was to achieve 10,000 steps a day.  Some days that wasn’t so difficult.  Other days, it was 8PM and I realized I had 2,000 to 4,000 steps to go! Yikes!

At that hour of the evening you are ready to settle in and watch some must see TV, can we say Scandal?!  So here’s a quick tip.  Instead of sitting while you catchup on your favorite TV shows, get moving!  That’s right.  Walk in place, do jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, etc.  You’ll be distracted by Olivia Pope’s sneaky tactic; so you won’t know you’re exercising, you’ll hit your 10,000 step minimum, and you’ll be thanking yourself when you fit back into your skinny jeans.

Get to it gladiators!


The Proof is in the Pudding.

I love ballet just as much as I miss doing it, but what I love more is how Misty Copeland shows that the proof is in the pudding. Perseverance pays off! Great commercial and even better inspiration. It’s possible, anything’s possible.

Organizing Time to Workout, The Payoff!

Organizing time to workout with these lovely ladies was so much fun and a great success. We finished the race and finished it well, with smiles and a mimosa of course. 868/2100 not too bad!  Especially for us moms 🙂  Can’t wait for our next endeavor and all the future memories. Thanks for keeping me motivated!



Down and Dirty with Fitness

Getting motivated to work out is not so tough, but staying motivated, well that’s another story.  I’ve found the best way to stick with it is to be accountable to someone.  Working out with a partner or a group of people is a huge help.  I think, in my control freak mind, I feel that I’m not only letting myself down if I skip a workout, but my partner/team too!  So in efforts to “stay” motivated and get my post baby body back in shape, I organized myself a team to stay on track.

AC LadiesIt all came together by accident, to be honest, but hey, didn’t I say inspiration comes when you least expect it?  I’m very fortunate to live in a neighborhood with lots of lovely ladies, and while casually discussing races at our April book club, we decided we should create a team and do one!  The next day I checked in to make sure it wasn’t the wine talking, and shared a list of race options with the interested ladies.  After we synced up our calendars we decided on the Merrell Down & Dirty Obstacle Race, July 27.  Now I’m no stranger to obstacle course races.  I’ve completed a Tough Mudder and Spartan Sprint, but that was pre-baby, so I was definitely skeptical about signing up for another one so soon.  Mud PitBut it has been great!  Organizing time to workout is possible.  Here are a few things I’ve done to squeeze in work outs on my already busy schedule:

  1. Workout before work
    This is tough, and you have to be an early bird, but it is possible and it feels awesome when you do it.  You’ll feel accomplished to have your workout done for the day, plus the exercise will boost your energy giving you extra pep in your step.
  2. Workout after the kids go to bed
    As a new mom the last thing I wanted to do was sacrifice time with my little one to workout, after all, as a working mom I get so few hours in a day with her as it is, but once she goes to bed there is still time to squeeze it in.  I met some members of my team at our community gym for some P90x workouts after our kids were in bed.  This was great having someone to meet, made me go to the gym vs. going to my couch to watch trash TV.
  3. Weekly group run
    Every Saturday AM the girls on our team would go for a run, including people who aren’t on the team.  This held me accountable to show up, plus running with a group provides a nice distraction from…well…running.
  4. Push yourself
    In general working out with a partner or group makes you push yourself.  It definitely gave me a reason not to slack, whether that is competitiveness or just not wanting to be embarrassed, it made me reach a higher level that I wouldn’t have achieved alone.
  5. Any time is better than no time
    I used to be discouraged to workout if I couldn’t fit in a full hour, silly right?  Any amount of time you can spend working out is better than none.  That’s right, I found the P90x3 workouts to be a great fit for my current lifestyle.  Thirty minutes and done!  But there are days where 30 minutes is even too much.  In that case I’ll take a walk around the block with Roxy and Anya, go for a run during lunch at work, or simply do some squats and calf raises while I’m doing my hair in the AM.  It’s not much but it’s something.  And if you do all three of them in a day then you have a full hour in, that still counts!

AC RaceThree months later of organizing a team and time to workout, I’m in much better shape, I might even sport a bikini on vacation!  And in the end regardless of the race results I’m looking forward to the experience, at the very least we will have lots of laughs!  And I just read where laughing burns calories.  Win Win!

Watch out Down & Dirty, the Applecross Housewives are coming this Sunday!

Get Organized Fight the Business Travel Gremlins

Social SelfieI’m currently on-site for a work event.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the road, as a new mom, and feels great to be back in the saddle!  But it has reminded me of how hard it is to keep yourself organized, in the health and fitness department.  It can be a real struggle!  Who am I kidding the struggle is real.  Temptations, peer pressure, exhaustion…  The food gremlins are everywhere!  There are a few things I always do to keep myself on track, or at least half on track:

  1. IMG_2704[1]Take the stairs
    Seems like a no-brainer, but with how accessible elevators are we sometimes forget what we did before electricity.  Find the stairs and use them.
  2. Don’t do the Dew
    Soda is everywhere at conferences.  It can be hard to resist, but avoiding it will help your energy and your waist line.  Opt for water instead.
  3. Pack a re-usable water bottle
    Unfortunately, water bottles are not available at every conference, forcing you to do the Dew, OH THE HORROR!  But never fear you can bring your own re-useable bottle, and they even have really cool travel ones that won’t take up luggage space.
  4. Pack your snacks
    Healthy meal options are not always an option.  So I always pack some instant oatmeal when I travel.  At the very least I can start my day right, or have something as a meal replacement.  You can always find hot water whether it’s at the coffee & tea station, your hotel room coffee maker, or via a microwave.
  5. Work it out
    Lets face it, the last thing you have time for when you travel is working out, that’s why you take the stairs, right?  It’s a good start, but squeezing in just 20 minutes is better than nothing.  I often take my P90x 30 minute DVDs along, and yes sometimes they only go for the ride.  If I don’t have time for a DVD I’ll do some basic push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, squats, etc.  Even while I’m brushing my teeth, yes I’m that girl.

It might not be 100% healthy, but it balances out that Kansas City BBQ you have on your night out, right?  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Organizing Time to Workout

Go for a run, walk Roxy, put Anya down for a nap.  I wanted to get all three things done in a fairly short period of time and without Chad at home it seemed like it might not happen.

My to do list and wish list are in an ongoing conflict with reality and time, so I have to get creative to get everything done before I lose motivation (or time)! #Don’tStopMoving #1RuleParenting.

Roxy RunWhile working out may seem like the thing to drop, I don’t want that to become a bad/consistent habit.  So I decided to kill three birds with one stone.  Although the weather was drizzly I pulled Anya out of her crib (she had just started to nap), leashed up Roxy, got my sneakers on, and went running!  A little drizzle wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Now mind you Roxy is not a running dog, she’s all six pounds of ferocious yorkie and an old lady to boot.  She’s 10!  Hard to believe my pup is that old.  Since she can’t keep up she becomes a low rider.

Roxy Run up closeYes that’s right take a closer look, Roxy rides under the stroller during the heart of my run.  So the old lady doesn’t lose her stride, I take a longer path so that she gets to walk with me on my cool down home.  Anya, well she rides up top. Not only does she get a brief snooze but some nice fresh air and a scenic route to explore (Thank you to all the running paths close to our home!).

Anya RunSo in 32 minutes I accomplished everything I needed to:

  • 2.25 mile run, check!
  • .5 mile Roxy walk, check!
  • Anya snooze and fresh air, check! check!

If I did each of these individually, well that would have sucked about 2.5 hours out of my day.  Can’t have that!  Get creative, get efficient, get a workout in!

Happy 4th!