Fall 2017 Insta House Tour

Life is hard, just when I get motivated to be back on the blog scene, my Mac Mini won’t turn on.


Luckily, nothing was lost and it was still under warranty! With the computer snafu I haven’t been able to publish some long planned blogs (all my photos being on the Mac); however, i’ve been doing the Fall dance of joy on Instagram. I love this season! I know most people look to Spring as the time of renewal, but it’s Fall for me. The crisp cool air is so fresh after a long summer’s humid heat. To me the chill is so refreshing and brings all the cozy things I love: sweaters, smores, fireplaces, hot cider, boots, the smell of spice, football season, need I go on?

Once Labor Day hits, i’m all too happy to pull out the warm colors of the impending season (plus a long weekend is a great time for such a project). I’ve started cleaning out a lot of my Halloween specific decor in favor of just “Fall” so I can leave it up until Thanksgiving. That required some shopping for pumpkins and fall sprays/stems (Thanks to Kirklands, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby all being in a 2 mile radius).

Enjoy the Insta tour, Happy Fall. #getyoursweateron

Target $1 bin purchase shot, can you spy those pumpkins in the other pics?

Wayfair Chairs

I’m super happy with our Wayfair chairs.  They really complete the look of our living room. I contemplated getting colored accent chairs, but I have a real problem committing to color. I like to stay neutral so furniture has a long shelf life, let’s hope beige chairs have a long shelf life with the littles *fingers crossed.*

I bought a bunch of pillows hoping to pull all the colors together (the key to mix and match). I had returned about 5 of them and here is what I was left with, some of which we already had.


Inspector 12 checking out the pillow options




Living Room before the new chairs


Living Room with the new chairs and pillows


Living Room with the new chairs


Living Room with the new chairs


Living Room with the new chairs

Looks good to us, do you see all the toys peeking from the corners of the photos? No house is able to hide them all. The chairs shipped quickly, were easy to put together, and provided a great toy for the kids (my cardboard mecca masterpiece):

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Fun with cardboard. #aceandanya

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Rotherham Wingback Chair from Wayfair in Light Beige


Green Stonewashed Pillow from Target


All other pillows and throws from HomeGoods


Spring & Summer Decor House Tour

Yes i’m about 4-5 months late to the game on this one, but hey that’s life. I love decorating for the holidays, but by the time I get through the quick Fall, to Christmas, to Winter switchovers; i’m ready for a decor cleanse.

Somewhere during February, I get sick of looking at those cute snowman with their smiling faces mocking me that it’s still colder than a witches you know what. Hoping for Spring in March, I take down the winter decor and start the cleanse. Going from what seems like decor clutter (which some might say about my holiday tradition) to a clean fresh look for Spring and Summer, is a breathe of fresh air. What I like even more than the fresh new look is the fact that Spring and Summer decor stays up from March – September.  That’s the longest stretch of the year, which is nice because although I like decorating, each holiday is a lot of time and work with littles in the house.

If you recall, I’m not an Easter decorator. Mostly because it’s such a blip on the radar, i’d rather save my time and energy for spring cleaning or enjoying the nice outside weather. But this year, I did break down and put up 3 chicks. When Easter was over they came down and my Spring to Summer switchover lasted all of 2 minutes. Win! Here’s a look at this year’s decor, with yes I know some crappy photos. You know those little people don’t help with me honing my photography skills. Also take a look at some furniture shifts in preparation for a new flow and new chairs!

New Layout

Now remember, this blog was supposed to be created about 4 months ago *close your eyes and imagine.* We had the below layout for Christmas so the Christmas Tree could be in the corner by the fireplace (where the blanket ladder is). I was liking the nice closed in look. Very intimate. What I wasn’t liking, our nice cozy chair & ottoman perfect to lay by the fireplace, situated across the room next to the kitchen. It was time for a change.


Living Room Layout Christmas

We did some shifting around and I loved it. The old wingback chair and bouncy seat was temporary, as we had plans to buy new chairs before Little Control Freak the 2nd’s birthday party. Where we will put our Christmas Tree this year, well we will worry about that later.


Living Room Layout New

My new favorite cozy nook.


Living Room Chair Fireplace

Another quick fix, our end tables. A hand me down from my parents, they are still in great shape after what must be 15 – 20+ years. But the drawer pulls on them are very outdated. My fix, turn the table around so you can’t see the drawer and the pulls. Might be the cheat way out, but until we are sure of what we want to do with them, this is how we do it. And lets not talk about the overspilling art desk and basket off to the left of the photo, that was a late night job for another day.


Dining Room & Foyer

With the craziness of LCF2 being on the move, Spring decor needed to be a quick fix. I had good intentions of some new creative ideas, but I’ll reserve them for 2018. Instead I added lots of faux flowers in purple and yellow, a few chicks here and there, some new hanging baskets, and faux succulents.


Living Room


Powder Room



One of these days i’ll figure out how to get a great shot of the branch…



Mermaid and surfer for a summer look. Flowers in full bloom!


Few quick switches for summer.


Looking forward to keeping this until my favorite season –  Fall, September is calling, where did the summer go?

Fall Centerpiece

Fall is coming! My favorite time of year; crisp air, cinnamon spice, comfy sweaters, crunchy leaves, love it all!

Here’s a little DIY centerpiece to get you ready for the season. Fall house tour next week.


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Big Girl Bedroom

Little Control Freak has taken to her big girl bedroom very well. Sleeping in her new bed has been an adjustment (amazing how they must feel more secure in a crib), but we are making good progress, which is a relief since her brother will be arriving soon.

There are still some finishing touches I want to make, noted in the images below, but I’m very happy with how the room turned out and so is Little Control Freak. She has been calling it “My Room” from day one. I wish my photography skills were better to capture how bright and colorful the room is, I’ll work on that 🙂 Without further ado, introducing the Big Girl Bedroom.

Pinspiration Reminder


The Results


Sherwin Williams wall paint in Lighter Mint. Land of Nod area rug, that was my big splurge but it was still on sale! Stay tuned for a project to decorate the wall above the headboard, currently a work in progress and may or may not involve the antique gold frame I found 🙂


Big Girl Bed!

This was my first bedroom set when I graduated college (graduation gift from mom and dad thanks!) and actually our Master Bedroom furniture until Little Control Freak inherited it.


  • Lamp from Christmas Tree Shops
  • iHome from Little Control Freak’s nursery
  • Kitty bank was mine as a child
  • Coral polka dot napkin purchased from HomeGoods, great accent, but doubles to protect the furniture
  • Fillable lamp from the Christmas Tree Shops (filled with shells from summer vacation 2015)
  • Other decor from Little Control Freak’s nursery
  • Baby cradle from Christmas now lives in her big girl bedroom
  • Will be hanging these great pics I found on Etsy, once the custom frames arrive, in the empty space above the dresser (thanks Nonna for the gift!)IMG_7172
  • Tray and comb holder, both finds from HomeGoods
  • Other decor, previous gifts from Little Control Freak’s Nursery
  • Angel by Valerie nightlight (4 hour timer) is a great nightlight that swirls glitter, looks like ocean waves on the ceiling at night (gifted form QVC)
  • Closet is pretty basic for now as most of Little Control Freak’s clothing fits in her dressers. Will definitely work with this as we have more to add.
  • Pocket door hanger is a great way to tame little shoes from being scattered everywhere
  • Laundry bin also sorted by color with labels, will help Little Control Freak to learn how to sort her laundry over time.



Gallery wall and play center. Luckily all of the lovely artwork was something we already owned or that we were gifted!


Artwork was from an old address book, address book has since been tossed, but I kept the lovely quotes and just trimmed the rough edges. Fit perfectly in the Etsy purchased frame (only purchase I needed for the wall!)


I purchased this card last summer with the intention of using it for decor. The string that hangs it? That was the ribbon that held the polka dot napkins together from my HomeGoods purchase, upcycle!


DIY canopy as seen on Pinterest! So cheap! Yet so lovely 🙂


Love me some IKEA, these RASKOG utility carts are perfect for holding books and toys.


I would say they look pretty happy and agree 🙂


Again my photography skills are not great, i’ll work on that, but this looks lovely and bright when standing in the bedroom. The window sheersthe hardware and blackout/thermal cellular shades were all purchased when there were big sales at JCPenney.

Next up on the list, updating the nursery for baby boy!

Spring Decor Updates

Changing from winter to spring decor is very liberating! I don’t do a lot of decorating for Easter, instead just Spring/Summer decor that is simple.  Here are some updates around the house.

Living Room


Dining Room


Powder RoomIMG_7073IMG_7074



New Additions (Decor)

Yes new additions can refer to our little baby boy on the way, but i’m talking about little finishing touches to the house. Well…am I ever really finished? Over the holidays we added a few items/finds.  See below!

Kitchen Runner

I had the bright idea to buy a nice rug that was mainly white with some blue and green in it for in our kitchen, in the high traffic area, by the sink. Genius! Well that rug is now gone after many failed attempts to clean it. It just looked awful. So I was determined to find something that could be machine washable, the old rug was not. Thanks to Wayfair I found a super long runner. It’s nice because all our drips and drops happen on this runway. Someone else is enjoying time in the kitchen now too.



Island Chairs

Little Control Freak loves sitting at the island for breakfast and our stools were less than stable. I was hoping to find a trendy backed chair, but they were too pricey for our current budget, cue Ikea! Affordable, they look nice, functional, sturdy and the legs don’t stick out to get in the way. Win!



Bentwood Basket

Purchased for $12 at Century House, provides a cozy home for our living room blankets. I love when I can get to this antique store, they have the best prices! A few more goodies were purchased, but not yet in use. Will surely blog about that in the future.


New Living Room Furniture

Thanks to some savings and end of year bonuses we were able to replace our sofa and over sized living room chair. After 11 years my furniture set was in good shape, but certainly not supportive. That set has moved on to a nice home in the city 🙂 Thank you Mealy’s Furniture for such a great deal on our leather sofa and chair. We are excited to have a material that is pet and kid friendly, or at least a lot easier to clean up! The furniture set didn’t come with pillows so I stopped by HomeGoods for a few matching pillows and blanket. I attempted to pull colors out of our new area rug that we purchased in the fall for $99 at Ollie’s Good Stuff Cheap. I love my bargain shopping.


Reward System

This isn’t decor, but it was a new addition over the holidays. Anya’s pompom reward system. Thanks to the Pinterest mom who shared the idea.


Winter OR Christmas Decor?

Every year once the New Year comes and goes I ask “What decorations can I keep up for winter?” I debate what is acceptable vs. pushing the line. So what do you think of when you think winter?

I think of snow, snowmen, evergreen trees, the glow of white lights, reindeer, sleds, pinecones, berries, ice skates etc. Basically any décor that isn’t too Christmas oriented stays up in the Control Freak House, even garland on the mantel and staircase. It can sometime require rearranging, but it’s worth it to enjoy that nice warm winter feel after the holidays, plus it’s nice to not have so much work packing everything away after the holiday hustle and bustle.

Here are some great pins and boards I found on Pinterest that display how you can decorate for winter after Christmas.

Christmas House Tour

Decorating for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving has always been something I look forward to. Putting up the warm holiday lights early so we can enjoy them longer.  I just love the season of lights, music, and cheer. However, being pregnant and having a two year old sure slowed the process.

Finally getting around to sharing the photos (apologies for the poor quality that’s what happens when you have pregnancy insomnia). Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Dining Room & Foyer


Powder Room


Florida Room



Living Room




Door Dwellers





Chalk art on the porch


Porch is semi done since someone clipped our lights, will have an updated photo eventually.



Added touches to Master Bedroom, Today!

It’s amazing how finishing touches can find you when you least expect it. I had taken a vacation day, today, to teach a 3 hour tap class in the morning and then spend the rest of the day on errands and appointments. I periodically check in at HomeGoods still hoping to find an area rug, no findings today, but I did find some pretty wonderful picture frames and a gorgeous photo to finalize the gallery wall in our Master Bedroom.


Gallery wall this morning pre-additions:

I should have taken a before picture, but oops I forgot, instead here is a photo from 2013 when I first created the gallery wall based on the Inspiration.


The reason for adding more (pictured below)? I knew with some upcoming furniture changes I would want to add more to our gallery wall, but I wasn’t in any hurry or currently searching for items. I find it awkward to have the empty wall space near the corners, obsessive, perhaps, but I decided to extend the gallery wall to draw attention away from the empty corners (as I knew a picture near the corner on small wall space would likely look awkward or too close to the gallery wall).

Now for the after:


New additions all from HomeGoods


Two new frames with our new family photos


New canvas print, love love love!

New gold frame with printable from Etsy.com

Future plans include passing down our existing white bedroom furniture to little control freak and inheriting a nice vintage inspired set from my parents. I hope to try this Pinspiration on the dresser we will receive hopefully by the end of 2015.

Happy decorating and organizing, you never know when it will fall into your lap 🙂