Magic DIY Shower Cleaner

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I’m madly in love with this DIY cleaner. It really does the work for you. Whether you keep up with your shower/tub cleaning OR if you need to eat away some long term scum – it works like magic! I actually didn’t realize how dirty my shower was until I used this.

The magical concoction is blue Dawn and White Vinegar. That’s it, a dynamic duo with magical scrubbing and tub whitening powers. Check out this link for the details and the credit of how I discovered the special potion:

Spray away your scum OR let it soak to easily wipe away tough stains. You’re welcome.

How a Nut and a Pool Noodle saved my Bathroom Cabinets

The guest bathroom, essentially the kids bathroom, has a nice two step white wooden stool for the kid’s easy access to the sink. I never considered that the white stool would be knocking into the dark cabinets. I mean why would a toddler want to pick up a stool and move it?  Yes, genius I know.

So needless to say, the cabinet has a collection of white scratches that are very becoming. To prevent it from further destruction, as I’m sure Little Control Freak the 2nd will be more gentle with the stool than his sister, I used a pool noodle for some padding.


It was leftover in the garage from a previous cut job, for what I can’t remember, so I dug it back out and sliced and diced it to be placed on the back of the stool. Now the cabinets have a better chance of staying scratch free for a longer period of time.

Pool Noodle Stool

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No more scratches. #poolnoodlesaremultipurpose

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But how to get off those white paint scratches? I thought magic erasers fixed everything, but of course not. Didn’t remove a speck. That’s when I remembered reading an article about nuts… walnuts or almonds that is. Rub them over scratches on wood and watch them fade away. What did I have to lose?


Amazingly, it worked. At least enough that you can barely see the markings (it’s actually a walnut they recommend but the almond worked). I used a stain marker to cover the piece of wood that was chipped and I have to say it looks pretty good.

My control freak OCD saved by a nut and a pool noodle!

Guest/Kids Bathroom Complete

Painting the guest bathroom has been on our list for a long time, just one of those things that we never find time to complete. The impending arrival of Baby Boy has sure motivated us to finalize little projects while we have some breathing room. Thanks to hubs for getting this checked off our list! One things for sure, I don’t think I realized how white the room was until it was painted.

As far as the inspiration, in our old home we renovated our guest bathroom with this blueish/grey color right before we moved out and loved it, but never had time to really enjoy it. Hence replicating a similar look and feel again (custom match color from Sherwin Williams). I started to really like the nautical look of navy and yellow and decided to incorporate that as accent colors. There were times I second guessed the adult look of the bathroom since it is primarily going to function as a kids bathroom, but then I thought of our guests and the kids growing up and decided to stay in the direction I was headed. Plus the kids aren’t contributing to the mortgage so should they have say? Harsh I know:) But in all honestly they don’t care what it looks like at this stage of the game. Perhaps in the future we will look into more ornate mirrors or better light fixtures, but for now loving it! A little paint and a lot of color goes a long way!


  • Picture frames from the Christmas Tree Shops, already owned
  • Picture prints from Target of a vacation to Stone Harbor and Jamaica, already owned
  • White towel from our Wedding registry, already owned
  • Hand towels, wash cloth, and matching bath rug purchased from Pottery Barn during a big sale



  • Glass bottle with flowers already owned (dressing bottle from my dining room adds a nice touch/different level to the decor to create balance)
  • Polka dot soap dish purchased on a business trip to Amsterdam, already owned
  • Yellow dish from HomeGoods, purchased about a year ago for this very purpose


  • Shelf from HomeGoods, already owned
  • Faux coral and mermaid/dolphin art, already owned
  • Photo print of Jamaica from Target, already owned


  • Shells, personal finds from shelling on many vacations
  • Glass bottle and tin dish from Creekside Antiques, already owned
  • Gingham star made by my mom, previously owned
  • Frame with Control Freak Pup & Seascape bottle also previously owned, got lucky having most of my decorations

CF Summer Project Master Bathroom Paint and Bathroom Part 3 Finished!

You’ll remember I shared my success and failure during the decorating progress in a previous blog. I was waiting for an image I ordered to arrive from Etsy to share the update. Would I love a fully modern cool tiled bathroom like you see on HGTV, absolutely, but we don’t have the time or money for something like that. Working with a very small budget and items I had in the house I was able to pull together my initial vision. Happy with how it turned out below. (apologies for poor images, haven’t mastered photography skills in a small space).


IMG_5902 IMG_5905IMG_5884 IMG_5966 IMG_5967 IMG_5911 DSC_1300 DSC_1308 DSC_1297 IMG_5438

CF Summer Project Master Bathroom Paint and Decorate Part 2

Paint can sure change the look of a room! But for some reason I wasn’t sold on how the Master Bathroom looked after it was painted and semi-decorated. Yikes! Both hubs and I agreed, the color scheme wasn’t pulling together like we expected. We still had some missing pieces: a rug, the unfinished drawers in the toilet room, and plantation shutters for the window. Unfortunately, I knew those three pieces were not going to resolve the issue. Starting over wasn’t an option (what a waste of money that would be, not to mention time) so I needed to make it work!

(BTW side rant, do you know how hard it is to find nice unique bathroom rugs that are washable and won’t cost you an arm and a leg!)

Here is the bathroom after the paint job, semi-decorated.  Not bad, but kind of one-dimensional and blah.

DSC_1036 DSC_1037 DSC_1041

Love the boat picture but it is too small for the wall space and needs to bring in some more colors.

The nautical mirror is small for the wall, but will balance nicely once the photo on the opposite wall is appropriate



Photo Bomb!

I headed back to my reliable friend for help, Pinterest of course, and eureka, found what I was looking for. Inspiration from a nursery photo, who would have thought!

From there I collected a few new pieces:

Free Printable In Pre-Owned Frame:


Rug From West Elm:

Picture from Etsy:

Stay tuned for the final project coming soon.

CF Summer Project Master Bathroom Paint and Decorate Part 1

Slowly but surely we are making finishing touches to our home. The latest project, that has been ongoing, is our master bathroom. For some reason I have always struggled with the vision of my master bedroom and bathroom. There’s a lot of emphasis on it being the oasis and most important space in the house to find peace, no pressure. Pinspiration can also be overwhelming making it hard to choose a specific direction. With a limited budget, and time, hubs and I set out with a plan.



Inspiration began with two Target towels, a Target bowl, hooks received as a gift, and a paint chip from Sherwin Williams: Lighter Mint. Once I was sure of the lighter mint paint color I started to collect decorations and accent pieces, pics below all coming from HomeGoods.IMG_5059 IMG_5063 IMG_5061 IMG_5065IMG_5066

Blank Slate:

Apologies for poor photo quality, a little tough to get a great shot in a tight space with bad lighting, need to improve my camera skills.  Also note the trendy black paper blinds and little control freak trying to “help” by taking down the not yet used blue tape.


Stay tuned for updates!


CF Summer Project: Half Bathroom

In July I blogged about a list of projects that I intended to complete by summers end, some projects I shared along the way.  Let’s see how I did!

  1. Paint and decorate the master bathroom – Not Started (oops!)
  2. Paint and decorate the guest bathroom – Not Started (gasp!)
  3. Finalize nursery decorations – Complete!
  4. Two-story foyer gallery wall – Complete!
  5. Paint and decorate the half bathroom- Complete!  (See Below)

3 out of 5 isn’t bad, right?  It didn’t seem like a lofty goal at the time, but hey summer is meant for fun outside, so perhaps the painting projects will roll over to winter when we have cabin fever.  I intend to make some updates/additions to the gallery wall, but that will always been an ongoing project.

Now for the half bath.  It started out fairly plain.  White walls, temporary paper blind, plain flat mirror.  With a little paint and a few accent pieces it quickly turned into a shabby chic oasis.  Okay oasis might be a little strong, but it sounded nice!

Half Bathroom Before

The design inspiration for the room started with a hand towel.  I loved the colors and the girly paisley design.  As for the color of the room, I’m a big fan of neutral colored walls.  It’s not that I don’t love bold pops of color, I definitely do, but I find that neutral colors are versatile.  You can change the complete look and feel of a room with decorations and accent colors without having to repaint, thank god!  Sherwin Williams’s Requisite Gray was the perfect fit for the half bath, it nicely pulled out the gray in the hand towel.

Half Bathroom Inspiration

I started to collect accent pieces that would brighten up the room with pops of complimenting colors.  My favorite, a white mirror from HomeGoods, it has the perfect shabby chic feel I was going for.  Bodice picture and fancy glass canister: HomeGoods, Ball Glass jar with seashell collection: already owned

Half Bathroom Accents

The After!


P1140491 P1140485 P1140465

I purchased an inexpensive shade that lets in a lot of light, but still creates privacy from Country Curtains.  I know this wall needs some more color, so I’m in search of a valance or fabric to have one made.

Half Bathroom Shade

I loved the photo of my Pop Pop as a young boy, but felt the wall needed some more color.  I found the cast iron mermaid on Etsy from The Shabby Shak.  Perfect pop of color complimenting the bodice photo below.

Half Bathroom Accents

Half Bathroom Mermaid

One of my favorite purchases this summer, Mrs. Meyer*s glass soap bottles.  I love that they fit in any room, being that clear glass matches everything.  Great quality, easy to clean, and they hold a lot of soap!  (Refills available).  The soap pump has two different designs, so you can choose which one you want facing front.


P1140489So what’s up for Fall? Fall is my favorite season and tends to be the most busy.  Especially with Anya’s first birthday party around the corner.  In the fall we plan to do a lot of cleaning out and up to prepare for future projects.  Here’s the projected, but not promised lineup:

  1. Paint and decorate the Guest Bathroom
  2. Clean out the basement/Organize the garage (joint project since they share the same items)
  3. Re-organize the First Floor Coat Closet
  4. Plan Anya’s First Birthday Party!