Some people organize out of necessity, I organize for fun!  Yes I am a self-proclaimed control freak who finds organizing and decorating therapeutic. Join me as I chronicle my journey to find creative ways to organize my home and life without offending my wallet. Along the way i’ll share my love for fashion, family, and the attempts to stay sane as a busy working mom 🙂



Organizing, decorating, de-cluttering addict
High School musical choreographer
Fashion, french fry, music lover
All things rustic collector
Quick-witted sarcasm master
Wanna be beach bummer
Full time corporate America worker
Red lipstick wearing shoe goddess

Wife to hubs, Mr. Control Freak


Mother to Little Control Freak and Furry Control Freak


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have been accused of being OCD regarding organization by a number of folks, but only at home, on the road, or in my vehicles. At work, I am completely different. I think I know why, but would be interested to hear if others may be situationaly similar.

  2. I never thought of it that way, I think colleagues just won’t tell the truth 😉 Although I think in the workforce people just look at it as either you are very organized and detail oriented, or if it annoys them just plain anal 🙂

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