Where’s the Blog?!?

Boy I’ve been slacking, or have I? I’ve been enjoying life with the littles and been able to control my freakish self by worrying less about the mess and feeling the need that I need to get everything done (including the blog oops). Doesn’t mean I don’t still have the urge to decorate, organize, and blog.

I hope to get back to blogging and projects, especially now that Little Control Freak the 2nd is a bit more independent needing less 24/7 attention, more like 12/7 thanks to sleeping through the night and finger foods.

With two kids i’m realizing more and more there is no magical equation to a schedule and that you just need to roll with the punches. Scheduling family time, spouse time, me time, etc. is still a must, but there is no guarantee for consistency. Hoping at the very least I can be consistent with scheduling the time.

Here’s some photos of our busy lives, more projects to come soon.

Great day with family

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Aces first pool day #aceandanya #hesnotimpressed

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Someone's eager to move 😳#aceacebaby #8monthsold

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#aceandanya #snowangels

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