Christmas House Tour 2016 – Day 1 of 3

I’m a slacker, well not really, there is just not enough time in the day to blog like i’d dreamed of. Add on two active kids, a husband recovering from hernia surgery, with very busy work schedules and you have an optimum time suck.

We’ve been decorated for Christmas since Black Friday weekend, but getting quality photos is not something i’m great at or quick at. Thank goodness for Instagram. That’s why this year’s Christmas House Tour will be a 3 day roll-out, let the anticipation build! Okay, I know it’s not that exciting, but I need 3 days to have time to document and photograph everything to try and do the decor justice. My 2016 decor might be my favorite yet. Enjoy!



Cheap decor alert!

There are lots of pretty, and inexpensive, holiday cards. I bought this $3.99 box of cards from the Christmas Tree Shops and used one of the cards in a frame on our gallery wall. Easy and affordable way to incorporate seasonal decor without a major decor change or expense.


Dining Room


Cheap decor alert!

My favorite new decorating tip for the season is to use scarves! You can purchase inexpensive scarves (so you don’t have to take away from your existing wardrobe) and re-purpose as a table runner or table cloth. Much cheaper than the real deal! I purchased this scarf as part of a buy 1 get one free special at Charlotte Russe ($14.95 total for two scarves)centerpiece_diningroom_christmas2016antique-window_diningroom_christmas2016

Powder Room


Love my new antique silver Christmas ornaments purchased for $7 at a local consignment shop. Adds an extra element of detail without breaking the bank.

The tour continues tomorrow, blog you then 🙂

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