The Truth About Being Organized with Kids

Many say, “I don’t know how you do it,” referencing my organization with kids. Now keep in mind I may be a little OCD or anal for a lack of better terms, but it really is part of my DNA. And the truth about being organized with kids… well the truth is it’s an urban legend. Even with best intentions, two weeks never appear the same. My life is most definitely not Pinterest perfect. Yes I yearn for a clean organized home and abiding to routines and schedules, but the spontaneity of kids, and life for that matter, don’t always make this a reality. Can I get an AMEN!

This is definitely a reoccurring theme in the Control Freak house, and after years of organized living, before the Littles arrived, even hubs struggles with how our day can take a total U-turn at the drop of the dime. It happens, A LOT! So going with the flow tends to be the name of our game.

Yes we have a rigorous schedule during the week cramming in chores, work, perhaps even something called sleep, just so we can enjoy the weekend with the Littles distraction free. Do we abide by that schedule 100% of the time, hell no! Do we abide by that schedule 75% of the time? Probably not even close. The point is we have a plan, we have a schedule, we even have good intentions to do it, but life happens. Kids get sick, party invitations pop-up, work schedules get stretched, so all you can do is punt. You do your best to stay on par, but sometimes you have to give the ball up to achieve your goal. Whether that requires saying no to an invitation or leaving dishes in the sink (maybe even all over the counter), the priority is health and happiness for your family AND you. Note the emphasis on and, you can’t forget about YOU! How about all those crazy sports references, where did they come from….I digress….

So there you have it folks, confessions of an organizationaholic. Even the most organized can’t make it happen. Moral of the story, organization is great, but don’t let it get in the way of your family and happiness.  Otherwise you’ll need to invest in a time machine, chef, housekeeper, chauffeur, personal shopper……

And remember, they’re worth it, you’re worth it:)

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