Camp “In” Kids Night

Little Control Freak had a great summer at school (yes we call daycare school because frankly she’ll come out of there smarter than me before entering Kindergarten). It all began with a camping theme, and ever since then that’s all she has talked about. The lantern we purchased for power outages has gotten more use when she pretends to camp. Actually comes to think of it, the power hasn’t gone out since we bought it, funny how that works. Since she has been feeling a little jealous of all the Little Control Freak the 2nd attention we wanted to do something special for her. So we decided to camp “in.”

We set up “camp” in our living room for a family camp in/movie night. She was so excited! If anything it was forcing hubs and I to go to bed early, since LCF typically goes to sleep by 8:30. Perhaps we’d actually get a full nights sleep instead of doing things around the house!


Well someone ate their Wheaties because around 10:30, after hubs and I had started dozing, LCF was still wide awake watching Frozen. We promptly turned off the movie and after a few tosses and turns from LCF, more like the floor competition in gymnastics, we were all sound asleep and everyone slept til 8 AM woo!

Nothing like waking up to these sweet and happy faces. And a night on the air mattress was surprisingly comfortable, in fact that air mattress felt more supportive than my real mattress. Guess it’s time for a new one! Always something.

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