Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

Being a mom is hard enough, but trying to find fashion for your post baby body can be, well, less than motivating. Too small for maternity clothing yay! Too large for your regular clothing boo! And the last thing you feel like doing is spending money on a wardrobe that is temporary. Prior to the arrival of Little Control Freak 2, I knew i’d be attending a wedding about two months post baby. I was determined to lose enough baby weight to fit into a dress/skirt I already own… I know i’m hilarious, needless to say that didn’t work out. So I set out to order a new dress from Chicwish, but as a nursing mom it was still too small – even in XL…. I then turned to old reliable Marshalls. I scored a plain navy dress that looked like nothing on the rack, but jewelry to the rescue! Jewels can dress up the plainest of tees to the fanciest of dresses. Even better, I only spent $24. Yay!



Plain Navy Dress


Jeweled Up! (ignore the wrinkles from the car ride oiy!)


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