Household Chore Frequency, Get it Done Schedule

I never understood the frequency, uh-huh…

We aren’t talking about the R.E.M. hit, but more so the frequency of chores. Yes chores shmores! Those annoying little tasks we can’t ignore and seemingly can never find time for. has a great commercial to promote hiring a housekeeper. It sums up my sentiments exactly. When the weekends hit, the last thing we want to do is take precious time away from our little ones for chores. #noonehastimeforthat

A housekeeper is NOT currently in our budget (hopefully that’s the PC term!), and now that we are a family of four we adjusted how we squeeze in our chores. The reality being, not everything needs a deep cleaning every week and again #noonehastimeforthat. It’s a tight squeeze, but here is how hubs and I tag team our chores to get them done and out of the way so we can enjoy the weekend. Overview then more detail of what each task includes below 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional, clearly, this is what works for our household. If you need to disinfect or clean more frequently due to illness or other circumstances, by all means do so.

Chore Schedule Piktograph


Laundry (Daily AM & PM) – Tag Team

  • PM – Toss load of laundry in night before and set timer for 4 AM next morning
  • AM – Wake up and throw laundry in dryer and fold before going to work
  • PM – put laundry away and throw in new load for next day

Finance Check (Monday PM) – Hubs Job

  • Check budget, bills, and Amazon Shopping List
    • We created an Amazon List titled “Shopping.” This is in addition to a gift wish list for each member of the house. The Shopping List holds items we need, of different priorities, for the household. Hubs purchases as cash is available.

Meals (Monday PM) – My Job

  • Determine meals for the week
  • Create grocery list via the Wegmans App
  • Clean out fridge of old food to make room for next day groceries

Clean 2nd Floor (Wednesday PM) – Tag Team

  • Bathroom(s) Checklist:
    QUICK pick-up
    QUICK wipe down with vinegar/water solution: mirror, surfaces, toilet
    Refill toilet paper, tissues, soap, etc. as needed
    Fresh towels
    Sanitize rugs in dryer (versus washing, most dryers have this function)
    Note anything we must add to the shopping list
  • Bedroom(s) Checklist:
    QUICK pick-up
    QUICK dust surfaces with Swiffer
    Change sheets

Clean 1st Floor (Thursday PM) – Tag Team

  • Powder Room Checklist:
    QUICK pick-up
    QUICK wipe down with vinegar/water solution: mirror, surfaces, toilet
    Refill toilet paper, tissues, soap, etc. as needed
    Fresh towels
  • Living Room and Kitchen area:
    QUICK pick-up
    QUICK wipe down of surfaces with vinegar/water solution or dust with Swiffer
    Wipe down fridge and microwave handles (always get sticky in our house)
    Water plants
    Wet mop hardwood floor high traffic areas
    Fresh towels/rag
    Refill paper towels, napkins, soap etc. as needed

MONTHLY DETAILS (first week of the month)

In general, the monthly cleaning is your opportunity for more in depth cleaning/disinfecting. You know those items we don’t have time for weekly (let alone monthly)

  • Wash all throw rugs (we have them in the bathroom and kitchen)
  • Clean with disinfectant (versus our normal vinegar/water mixture)
  • Clean the showers and tubs (not necessary weekly)
  • Mop the bathroom floors in addition to vacuuming (not necessary weekly)
  • More in depth vacuum and wet mop of hardwoord floors: move furniture or obstructions, roll up hallway rugs, baseboards, suck up couch crumbs, etc.
  • Take the time to pick-up and put items away in proper homes

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