Let it Go


I’m not talking about the movie Frozen, but we sure do see and hear our fair share of it around the house. I’m talking about letting go of organization. Say WHAT! Yes, even though it’s hard to contain myself from having perfectly organized closets and made beds, sometimes you have to let the chores and comfort of a clean house go. Although I already knew this, having a second child and being on maternity leave has really reiterated the importance of life and experiences over the Pinterest perfect home. Not to mention the reality of how time is so limited and fleeting. I had a list of projects I wanted to tackle while on my 12 week maternity leave. I haven’t crossed one of those items off the list and I have 4 weeks to go.

At least I know I’ve focused on what is important.

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So let the laundry unfolded in the laundry basket, let the dirty dishes in the sink for the night, perhaps skip out on blogging for a few weeks (oops), and against my will let the toys sprinkled like confetti across the floor. Instead sit down and watch a movie with your significant other or  have a family game night. Whatever it is, you won’t regret the memories or how relaxed you feel (even if you won’t feel so relaxed to rediscover the mess in the am).

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