Big Girl Bedroom Die Cut Art

I’ve seen several Pinterest posts of scrapbook/die cut art in little girl’s bedrooms. Mostly of the butterfly variety, and i thought i’d try to borrow the idea for Little Control Freak’s big girl bedroom.

Because we were going with a beachy/mermaid theme I initially was looking for Mermaid die cuts, but I wasn’t finding anything I liked, then I came across a seahorse and thought it would be cool to have a school of seahorse from her nightstand into the antique gold frame above her bed.

Luckily my mom has all the die cut supplies I needed to cut my own seahorse, well except for the die itself, but she graciously purchased one for the project:) Amazingly enough it proved to be hard to find coral colored card stock/scrapbook paper. I was hoping to have an ombre of coral seahorses, that’s not how the project ended, but I think it turned out pretty nice as is! Cute, effective, and a very CHEAP option for decorating. Hopefully it stands the test of time, if not it didn’t cost much, it’s easy to remove and I can easily start fresh.








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