Guest/Kids Bathroom Complete

Painting the guest bathroom has been on our list for a long time, just one of those things that we never find time to complete. The impending arrival of Baby Boy has sure motivated us to finalize little projects while we have some breathing room. Thanks to hubs for getting this checked off our list! One things for sure, I don’t think I realized how white the room was until it was painted.

As far as the inspiration, in our old home we renovated our guest bathroom with this blueish/grey color right before we moved out and loved it, but never had time to really enjoy it. Hence replicating a similar look and feel again (custom match color from Sherwin Williams). I started to really like the nautical look of navy and yellow and decided to incorporate that as accent colors. There were times I second guessed the adult look of the bathroom since it is primarily going to function as a kids bathroom, but then I thought of our guests and the kids growing up and decided to stay in the direction I was headed. Plus the kids aren’t contributing to the mortgage so should they have say? Harsh I know:) But in all honestly they don’t care what it looks like at this stage of the game. Perhaps in the future we will look into more ornate mirrors or better light fixtures, but for now loving it! A little paint and a lot of color goes a long way!


  • Picture frames from the Christmas Tree Shops, already owned
  • Picture prints from Target of a vacation to Stone Harbor and Jamaica, already owned
  • White towel from our Wedding registry, already owned
  • Hand towels, wash cloth, and matching bath rug purchased from Pottery Barn during a big sale



  • Glass bottle with flowers already owned (dressing bottle from my dining room adds a nice touch/different level to the decor to create balance)
  • Polka dot soap dish purchased on a business trip to Amsterdam, already owned
  • Yellow dish from HomeGoods, purchased about a year ago for this very purpose


  • Shelf from HomeGoods, already owned
  • Faux coral and mermaid/dolphin art, already owned
  • Photo print of Jamaica from Target, already owned


  • Shells, personal finds from shelling on many vacations
  • Glass bottle and tin dish from Creekside Antiques, already owned
  • Gingham star made by my mom, previously owned
  • Frame with Control Freak Pup & Seascape bottle also previously owned, got lucky having most of my decorations

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