Change of Pace

With baby boy due in May we knew that we had to make some changes around the Control Freak House. More than just the usual baby prep, we needed more time! I know that’s impossible to find these days, but sometimes it means a change of pace, even if it is something you really love.

In March, after 12 years of working for a wonderful high school and their musical program it was time to move on. That’s right, I closed the chapter on my high school choreography career 😦 It was so bittersweet giving up one of my loves for my true loves. That’s the sacrifice you make for the right reasons. I still can’t believe I have 12 years and 12 shows under my belt, it flew by:

  1. Seussical
  2. Beauty & The Beast
  3. High School Musical
  4. Pirates of Penzance
  5. Hello Dolly
  6. Les Miserables
  7. Urinetown
  8. Phantom of the Opera
  9. Guys and Dolls
  10. Grease
  11. West Side Story
  12. Shrek

While i’m sure I could have crammed in time for another year, someone would have suffered, I wouldn’t be giving my full potential and attention to a show, a cast, myself, or most importantly my family. Sometimes when you get spread too thin you have to step back and re-organize your life to match your priorities. It was some of the best years and memories of my life and the send off they surprised me with was appreciated more than they will ever know. Someday I hope I can return to teaching and mentoring as it is a true passion of mine, but for now organizing my life for the little people who need me is most important. Moral of the story, stick to your priorities and realize you have to make those hard decisions. If you try to do too many things you won’t do any of them right (nor accomplish them) and your life will become unorganized and stressful, for everyone involved. Simplify!

IMG_6801IMG_6792Friday Night Show-7912Friday Night Show-7996Friday Night Show-8007Tuesday Dress Rehearsal-7550Tuesday Dress Rehearsal-7566

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