Four Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning


Nothing like a few warm days in March to make you want to open the windows and see all the dirt and grime from winter… wait! what? eww! So much for fresh clean air. For me, this starts the kick-off of spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning may have a different meaning and include different tasks for different people. In short, it is typically the overhaul cleaning of the year. If you are keeping up with cleaning and organizing throughout the year, this effort won’t be so arduous, but we know life isn’t that simple.

Here are four tips to get through your spring cleaning:

1. Don’t Attempt to Complete it in One Weekend

If you are able to do so, great! But don’t stress yourself out and feel the pressure to complete it in a day or a weekend. I use the month of March to complete all of my spring cleaning, that way I can spend dedicated time to be thorough and do the job right the first time. It’s called spring cleaning for a reason, not one weekend cleaning, so take the spring to do so.

2. Take it One Room at a Time

The best part about doing it over the month of March is the ability to take it one room at a time, wow what less pressure! Whether you focus on an individual room one day OR perhaps as part of your normal cleaning routine you spend more time on a specific room. You have the flexibility to decide, just don’t procrastinate, divide your room responsibility over each week of March. Have 12 rooms over the 4 weeks of March, be sure to complete 3 rooms in a week.  That’s not so bad, and if one room needs extra attention be sure to budget extra time that week.

3. Be Thorough!

Some of these tasks should be done several times a year, but this is my typical checklist for each room (looking for more details by room, Google Spring Cleaning Checklist, you’ll find many lists):

  1. Take down winter decorations!
  2. Thoroughly clean all surfaces, shelves, and wipe out drawers/trash cans
  3. Wash curtains, bedding, pillows, throw rugs
  4. Clean windows
  5. Sort through clothing: out of season clothing should go in storage, items that don’t fit or are no longer worn should be trashed, sold, or donated
  6. Fold and sort drawer/closet supplies neatly, this is the time to reset any jumbled messes
  7. Go through drawers, closets, pantry’s and be sure to dispose of any expired products, medicine, food, etc.
  8. Vacuum thoroughly, yes that means behind furniture, trim, vents, and corners where cobwebs set up shop
  9. Clean your floors thoroughly, including carpet cleaning
  10. Change batteries in smoke detectors

4. Don’t Start New Projects/Don’t Get Distracted

While spring cleaning may be a good time to complete unfinished projects, I don’t consider it time to start new ones. Spring cleaning is the reset button to get your house orderly, organized, and clean. Once you have done this you can start fresh with projects and gardening because your house will be so pristine! So don’t get distracted by fixer upper jobs, leave that for April and the summer when you have a fresh slate to start with.

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