Projects In Progress, Baby Steps

The Control Freak house has been trying to prep for Baby #2 with several shifting projects. While I hope to start and finish a project in a decent amount of time, it’s not always realistic, especially when there is a chain reaction due to one project.

When a project(s) is creeping along it may be hard to see that you are making progress, just keep in mind baby steps still get you to your end result. Projects in progress can also be quite chaotic, yes NOT so Pinterest perfect.  Here is an update on our progress and pictures to show that it is hard to realize your end project, it might not look great while you are in the middle of it, but keep your eye on the prize, the end results!  Hoping to reveal our finished projects in March.

Little Control Freak’s Big Girl Bedroom

Current status:

  • Office/storage room cleared (except for desk)
  • Painted
  • New bed arriving this week!
  • Curtains, area rug, all other supplies needed ordered
  • Furniture painting station setup in basement (getting our old bedroom suite, which was my first bedroom suite out of college)
  • Quick reminder of ideas
  • Mermaids instead of butterflies:

    DIY Canopy for a reading nook:

    Beachy/Mermaid color theme:

    Love the colors:

The Before: clearing out the office/storage room


The not so pretty process


Bedroom painted, books and toys moving in, desk will move out to the painting station in the basement when that project is complete.

Master Bedroom Furniture Shift

Since Little Control Freak is getting our bedroom furniture we needed replacements, thankfully we are inheriting an antique furniture set, that was refinished, from my parents. Who would have thought I’d have to tear apart one finished project (our master bedroom) in order to complete another (Little Control Freak’s big girl bedroom).



In Progress:


Basement Organization/Temporary Toy Zone

Our basement isn’t finished and a bit in disarray as we try to get Little Control Freak’s bedroom ready, however, we did manage to set-up a small play area and Little Control Freak loves it. If a kid can look past the mix and match not so perfect setup so can we.

Soon to follow, making the nursery more “boyish”

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