New Additions (Decor)

Yes new additions can refer to our little baby boy on the way, but i’m talking about little finishing touches to the house. Well…am I ever really finished? Over the holidays we added a few items/finds.  See below!

Kitchen Runner

I had the bright idea to buy a nice rug that was mainly white with some blue and green in it for in our kitchen, in the high traffic area, by the sink. Genius! Well that rug is now gone after many failed attempts to clean it. It just looked awful. So I was determined to find something that could be machine washable, the old rug was not. Thanks to Wayfair I found a super long runner. It’s nice because all our drips and drops happen on this runway. Someone else is enjoying time in the kitchen now too.



Island Chairs

Little Control Freak loves sitting at the island for breakfast and our stools were less than stable. I was hoping to find a trendy backed chair, but they were too pricey for our current budget, cue Ikea! Affordable, they look nice, functional, sturdy and the legs don’t stick out to get in the way. Win!



Bentwood Basket

Purchased for $12 at Century House, provides a cozy home for our living room blankets. I love when I can get to this antique store, they have the best prices! A few more goodies were purchased, but not yet in use. Will surely blog about that in the future.


New Living Room Furniture

Thanks to some savings and end of year bonuses we were able to replace our sofa and over sized living room chair. After 11 years my furniture set was in good shape, but certainly not supportive. That set has moved on to a nice home in the city 🙂 Thank you Mealy’s Furniture for such a great deal on our leather sofa and chair. We are excited to have a material that is pet and kid friendly, or at least a lot easier to clean up! The furniture set didn’t come with pillows so I stopped by HomeGoods for a few matching pillows and blanket. I attempted to pull colors out of our new area rug that we purchased in the fall for $99 at Ollie’s Good Stuff Cheap. I love my bargain shopping.


Reward System

This isn’t decor, but it was a new addition over the holidays. Anya’s pompom reward system. Thanks to the Pinterest mom who shared the idea.


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