CF Fall Project – The Big Girl Bedroom

The plan is set! While one project seems easy to conquer in a season, it’s a biggy! Little Control Freak is not only ready for a real bed, but come May there will be a new occupant for the crib, so it’s time. Our goal is to have the bedroom ready for a Christmas present. This also gives us plenty of time to have Little Control Freak adjust to her new room before a brother or sister arrive. Hopefully by then it will feel less like they have taken her room.

Now for the trickle down effect of this project, take a deep breath….

  1. Empty out the new bedroom
    That’s right. The new bedroom is currently our office/storage room. All that “stuff” needs to migrate to the basement. While we are doing this migration we are also hoping to clean up the basement to have a play area. Keep in mind the basement isn’t finished, but it has heat, is fairly clean, and Little Control Freak doesn’t notice, she loves it down there! (guess that adds another project…)
  2. Paint the bedroom
    Color picked: Sherwin Williams Lighter Mint (same as our Master Bathroom)
  3. Paint the master bedroom furniture
    That’s right, Anya is getting our bedroom furniture (which is actually from my first post college apartment). It’s technically teen size so it’s time for us to move on. It’s in great shape for Anya. Just needs a little paint to freshen it up and definitely a color to compliment the new room!
  4. Set-up and decorate the room
    Here are my Pinspirations
  5. Replace master bedroom furniture
    My parents have a great antique furniture set that will work perfect. All we need is a headboard. I also plan to paint an accent on the furniture as found on Pinterest, of course.

Ready Set Go!

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