Halloween Hoopla Part 1 – Homemade Adult Halloween Costume

I love Halloween, always have and always will. I love Fall and everything it has to bring, including the introduction to the holiday season. Love this time of year! It is quite a hoopla though. Not only does the season bring lots of fun Fall activities, but also Little Control Freak’s Birthday Party.

Lots of planning taking place for the upcoming weekend where we are not only having a 2nd birthday party for our closest family and friends, but also a pre-trick or treat b-day party with our neighbors. I know, two parties, what was I thinking to take on such a task and of course it all has to be done right! Stay tuned for that.

Part 1 of Halloween Hoopla takes us to the first adult Halloween party hubs and I have been to, in well, forever. Check out our homemade Halloween costumes and yes this is an official announcement!

IMG_5985 IMG_5992

Bun in the oven, and indeed there is one due to arrive May 2016. I knew that I’d be called out for not having a drink at the Halloween party so I decided to play that in our favor. I spotted the bun in the oven idea on none other than Pinterest. Luckily we had a few sturdy boxes in the basement, so one evening when I mustered up enough energy from my morning sickness haze, I started to foil it.

IMG_5970 IMG_5971 IMG_5972

Foil wasn’t necessarily the smoothest material, but it gave the oven a stainless steel look.


Added two labels for Bake Till and the time (being the predicted due date), 4 wooden dials for the oven knobs, and voila!



Photo taken after wearing it all night, so a bit scratched up.

Photo taken after wearing it all night, so a bit scratched up.

In all I purchased:

  • 2 rolls of foil – approximately $4 (Didn’t even use one full roll, but clearly the leftovers will not be wasted)
  • 1 bakers hat from Amazon – approximately $8 (went with black so it wouldn’t get so dirty as it can now be used for Little Control Freak’s play time)
  • 4 wooden dials from Michaels – 29 cents each (thanks to my mom for picking these up and painting them)
  • Everything else was something from our house. Cheap yet effective costume!

Little Control Freak wanted to know why her kitchen hamburger bun was being borrowed 🙂


Happy Haunting!

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