Delay of Blog

Yes it seems I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging, but unintended.  Life can get unexpectedly busy, so you prioritize on surviving daily life. It gets even worse when one parent falls sick, and even better if your kid(s) are sick too. Pretty much your world is rocked for a few weeks.

Unfortunately Little Control Freak was sick and I was taken hostage by the same germs for over two weeks. One nasty cold with flu-like symptoms – check! Fortunately, hubby played superman, picking up the slack and taking care of us while we were down and out. Once we were feeling better, we were busy playing catch-up on the necessities and not on household projects.  That’s right, even us Control Freaks can’t stay organized and moving forward during illness, and you shouldn’t. Getting well is the priority. Lots to catch up on, laundry, projects, Halloween planning, birthday party planning…. phew wish I didn’t lose those days!  Hoping to get back on the blogging saddle in the next week to share the latest in the Control Freak Chronicles.

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