Quick Fixes

A few quick fixes around the house tonight, excuse the poor iPhone photo quality 🙂

There are always items that have to go upstairs. Shoes, dirty dish towels, random items. Where do they typically go? On the staircase landing. Not only is this clutter crowding the steps, but when it piles up you can’t carry it upstairs in one full swoop.



The quick fix to tame the clutter, a lined basket. Pile items in the basket to get them all upstairs in one trip. Plus the carpet will stay protected from dirty items thanks to the lined basket. Wash the lining as needed.

IMG_5660 IMG_5661

Checking one item off my control freak quick list was a great feeling, but checking another item off in the same night was even better. So on to quick fix #2.


While this drawer has contained clutter, the digging for measuring spoons has been driving me bonkers. It’s a fairly shallow drawer so there is limited space, and I took notice how the one drawer organizer was holding all wine stoppers and cork screws/bottle openers. I don’t really even drink wine so why am I reserving so much space for wine stoppers? Time to move and toss what I don’t need.

IMG_5664 IMG_5665

I placed wine stoppers I wanted to keep (especially for entertaining) in a glass jar and placed the glass jar with an antique bottle opener in the butler pantry out-of-the-way.

IMG_5669 IMG_5668

Now my shallow drawer had space to spread out items for easier access.



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