CF Summer Project Master Bathroom Paint and Decorate Part 2

Paint can sure change the look of a room! But for some reason I wasn’t sold on how the Master Bathroom looked after it was painted and semi-decorated. Yikes! Both hubs and I agreed, the color scheme wasn’t pulling together like we expected. We still had some missing pieces: a rug, the unfinished drawers in the toilet room, and plantation shutters for the window. Unfortunately, I knew those three pieces were not going to resolve the issue. Starting over wasn’t an option (what a waste of money that would be, not to mention time) so I needed to make it work!

(BTW side rant, do you know how hard it is to find nice unique bathroom rugs that are washable and won’t cost you an arm and a leg!)

Here is the bathroom after the paint job, semi-decorated.  Not bad, but kind of one-dimensional and blah.

DSC_1036 DSC_1037 DSC_1041

Love the boat picture but it is too small for the wall space and needs to bring in some more colors.

The nautical mirror is small for the wall, but will balance nicely once the photo on the opposite wall is appropriate



Photo Bomb!

I headed back to my reliable friend for help, Pinterest of course, and eureka, found what I was looking for. Inspiration from a nursery photo, who would have thought!

From there I collected a few new pieces:

Free Printable In Pre-Owned Frame:


Rug From West Elm:

Picture from Etsy:

Stay tuned for the final project coming soon.

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