Added touches to Master Bedroom, Today!

It’s amazing how finishing touches can find you when you least expect it. I had taken a vacation day, today, to teach a 3 hour tap class in the morning and then spend the rest of the day on errands and appointments. I periodically check in at HomeGoods still hoping to find an area rug, no findings today, but I did find some pretty wonderful picture frames and a gorgeous photo to finalize the gallery wall in our Master Bedroom.


Gallery wall this morning pre-additions:

I should have taken a before picture, but oops I forgot, instead here is a photo from 2013 when I first created the gallery wall based on the Inspiration.


The reason for adding more (pictured below)? I knew with some upcoming furniture changes I would want to add more to our gallery wall, but I wasn’t in any hurry or currently searching for items. I find it awkward to have the empty wall space near the corners, obsessive, perhaps, but I decided to extend the gallery wall to draw attention away from the empty corners (as I knew a picture near the corner on small wall space would likely look awkward or too close to the gallery wall).

Now for the after:


New additions all from HomeGoods


Two new frames with our new family photos


New canvas print, love love love!

New gold frame with printable from

Future plans include passing down our existing white bedroom furniture to little control freak and inheriting a nice vintage inspired set from my parents. I hope to try this Pinspiration on the dresser we will receive hopefully by the end of 2015.

Happy decorating and organizing, you never know when it will fall into your lap 🙂

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