CF Summer Project Master Bathroom Paint and Decorate Part 1

Slowly but surely we are making finishing touches to our home. The latest project, that has been ongoing, is our master bathroom. For some reason I have always struggled with the vision of my master bedroom and bathroom. There’s a lot of emphasis on it being the oasis and most important space in the house to find peace, no pressure. Pinspiration can also be overwhelming making it hard to choose a specific direction. With a limited budget, and time, hubs and I set out with a plan.



Inspiration began with two Target towels, a Target bowl, hooks received as a gift, and a paint chip from Sherwin Williams: Lighter Mint. Once I was sure of the lighter mint paint color I started to collect decorations and accent pieces, pics below all coming from HomeGoods.IMG_5059 IMG_5063 IMG_5061 IMG_5065IMG_5066

Blank Slate:

Apologies for poor photo quality, a little tough to get a great shot in a tight space with bad lighting, need to improve my camera skills.  Also note the trendy black paper blinds and little control freak trying to “help” by taking down the not yet used blue tape.


Stay tuned for updates!


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