Family Photo Results

The results are in! We are very pleased, and shocked, to see that we have photos where we were all looking at the camera 🙂 Thanks to New Leaf Photography for their patience, creativity, and quick snapping skills to capture some special moments with our family. Enjoy the results from my how to dress for a family photo shoot blog.

p1332701759-3 p1332689791-3 p1332688989-3 p1332686401-3 11233521_10152939016836078_280286037705351201_op1332685481-3p1332685653-3p1332684461-3 p1332683473-3 p1332683143-3 p1332683063-3 p1332683001-3 p1332682857-3 p1332682465-3 p1332681605-3

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