How to Dress for a Family Photo Session

Hubs gave me a great birthday gift this year. A family photo shoot with our favorite photographers New Leaf Photography. They’ve captured great moments in our life.

Favorite Engagement Photo Favorite Wedding PhotoFavorite Maternity Photo Favorite Newborn Photo

Great idea hubs!  For one I don’t need anything material, two we have only a handful of photos as a family, and three photos last forever! But I was faced with a dilemma, what would we wear! I know, it should be easy, but if we are getting professional photos I wanted to make sure we were dressed to impress. You know, timeless so we would never have one of those “what were we thinking” moments in the future. So what’s the big dilemma? You know the typical mom/woman panic:

Do we dress up? Will that look natural or like we are trying too hard? If we dress down does it look sloppy? Wait I have three people to dress and compliment? Summer clothing is way more exposing and I’m suffering from not much clothing after baby syndrome! Fall clothing is much easier! I don’t want to look like one of those awkward family photos!

So I did what any other mother would do. I hit up Pinterest and probably spent more time than I needed on a color scheme and plan. Which changed three times when I didn’t like how I looked in certain outfits 🙂 I am by no means a professional on this, but here is what helped me come to a conclusion.

  1. Setting:
    Keep in mind your photo session setting. You not only want to be seasonably appropriate so you are comfortable, but also want colors that will complement and stand out from your setting (not blend in and clash). Our session would be taking place outside with some lush grass, so green was out!
  2. Surf the net for examples:
    Pinterest provided me with ideas of what I did and did not like. Here are my favorites:
  3. Flattering colors and cuts:
    Think about what colors and cuts (shape of clothing) are the most flattering on not only you, but the rest of the members that will be in the photo shoot. This should help you narrow down color schemes. The control freak family looks best in rich bold colors in a tone of blue or red.
  4. No matchy matchy please! Mix and match colors and patterns:
    I did not want us to look overly staged and matchy matchy, that is so out! I wanted us to complement each other. One way to connect everyone is to ensure that each person connects to at least one family member through a similar color. If hubs is wearing blue, i’ll incorporate blue, but that does not mean that little control freak also needs blue. If I wear yellow and little control freak has yellow hair bows, hubs does not also need yellow in his outfit. That would be overkill. The more people you have in your photo shoot the easier it is to spread the wealth of colors, the less people it’s harder to hide so mix and match patterns and solids to add variety.
  5. Props:
    Planning on having props? Make sure they complement your colors and they work with what you are wearing, even your pets 🙂

Official photos coming soon, but here is a sneak peek:

Family Photo Shoot Sample

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