WOWW: Home is not a place, it’s a feeling


This couldn’t be more true! In my current stage of life many people are settled into a home or looking to move into another one. Everyone has an idea of their dream home, but that’s not always realistically attainable  This is something I came to terms with when we moved into our current house. Did I ever dream of moving into a newly built home in a country club? No way, but before you get offended here is why. I love rustic, country, simple, primitive, unique, homes with character.  My dream home is a farmhouse, perhaps with an active farm and a large luscious garden. That is so not my house, however my current house couldn’t feel more like home. We have everything we have ever wanted and more.

Over the years I’ve lived in a lot of apartments and houses, and can honestly say they all felt like home too. I made them home and yes it was a feeling nothing material about it. This quote resonates on so many levels, is there a town or vacation destination that automatically makes you feel at home when you get there? I know I have some, what a comforting feeling.

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