Scatterbrain: This is your brain…on kids


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes impossible schedules with the baby carriage.  Yeah I said it.  Life is crazy good, but also crazy with schedules, responsibilities, expectations…  Balance is not only the struggle but the answer to parenting woes.

Let’s rewind.  You go from your busy single life, which at the time already seemed crazy, and in enters another busy single life individual.  Challenge accepted, conquered, enter wedding bells.  Here’s when you think you’ve crossed the finish line. Wrong.  You are not accomplished at multitasking or organizing…yet.  Reality sets in, you now have two individual lives, your life as a couple, two different families, and two different sets of friends/social lives.  See the complexity?  Although challenging this usually gets sorted out, yes there is some stress and a lot of running around, especially during the holidays, but then enters baby….


While taking care of a child, in itself, is manageable, it’s everything else around you that starts to become impossible. When are we going to clean the house? How are there so many dirty dishes? Where did all this laundry come from!? When are we going to see our family? Do our friends still know we exist and love them?  Sleep…wait what?  Enough to make your head spin.  But wait, your child becomes a toddler and already has a social life….hold the phone…WHAT?

Your toddler now gets invites to neighborhood friend birthday parties, daycare friend birthday parties, family friend birthday parties and then you are also getting invites to weddings, baby showers, your toddler’s friend’s birthday parties, parent teacher conferences, oh and yeah remember your family? Your friends? That person you live with that’s your spouse?  And what about work and all those other household responsibilities?  Oh yeah and most importantly what about YOU? STOP THE INSANITY

I realize this may all seem scattered, but for anyone who has kids, they will get it, this is your brain….on kids.

While I like to consider myself organized, realistically life can’t be organized 24/7.  It’s constantly evolving and the struggle is real. Just when you think you have it figured out with a plan and schedule that works one month, it won’t work the next month. All you can do is be adaptable, flexible, and not freak out when your life does not appear Pinterest perfect. Most importantly know you are NOT alone.

So this month’s challenge, try to create or re-establish balance in the control freak house.

  1. Sit down with hubster to look at the upcoming months commitments and come to terms with the fact that we will be super busy for the next 17 years.  Schedule in like to-dos and have to-dos then pretend we aren’t sad at the lack of free time 🙂
  2. Ensure that there is one weekend a month that the control freak household has alone time with each other (great suggestion Carrie).
  3. Schedule date nights with hubster and time for ourselves as individuals, both equally important for the balance and stability of our mental state and marriage.
  4. Living far from family and being full-time working parents makes it hard to see everyone as much as we’d like. Weekends are mainly reserved for soaking up every waking minute with our little control freak. Take time to schedule family visits in advance so they are on the calendar.
  5. Go to bed!  Don’t stay up into the wee hours of the night to get things done…currently a huge violator on this one.
  6. Be sure that our priority is always the happiness of little control freak and our immediate family, even if that means saying no. (realizing that all of the above may not be possible in one month)

Seems simple enough, but will be challenging.  Late night blog brought to you buy a mom currently on overload with an overactive mind and insomnia, I know some of you are out there reading this now can relate 😉

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