Desk Cord Control Quick Free Fix

The Control Freak House Office is nothing fancy.  Currently it is in Little Control Freak’s future Big Girl Bedroom.  Knowing that the office will move, we didn’t invest much time into its setup.  Takes time and money people! 🙂  It is in the plans, but stay tuned for future blogs.

Because of the set-up I needed a no fuss, cheap, quick fix for wrangling all the cords from all our electronic devices.  Our desk is not up against the wall so the cords were at one time hanging everywhere, no bueno!  Cue the binder clip!

Desk Binder Clip Office Desk

It’s not pretty, but it’s functional.  The binder clip holds all the cords in place so they aren’t hanging on the floor or in the cracks and crevices where we can’t reach them.

Temporary but free and functional!

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