The Power of Bargain Shopping, 89% Savings!

Many people may snub their nose to shopping at places such as Ollie’s Good Stuff Cheap!  Sure at first glance it may not look so attractive, but I’m going to prove how valuable these stores can be!  They hold super saving treasures, read below for a recent, crazy savings, find.

The Control Freak House is currently seeking a tufted area rug for our living room.  Our current hooked rug, while pretty, was a terrible choice for up-keep.  I’m actually not quite sure why many indoor/outdoor rugs choose this type of threading as it just pulls, fuzzes (yes a new word), and wears quite quickly.  Aren’t they supposed to be durable and easy to clean?  I digress…

Over Easter weekend I visited Ollie’s near my parents house.  We were seeking some kitchen supplies, however, a beautiful area rug caught my eye!  $99 for a classy tufted 5×8 area rug seemed like a steal!  Much to my chagrin, when I got home, 5×8 was too small for our living space.  Luckily my good friend will benefit by using the rug for their new home.

Area Rug Close Up Area Rug Details Area Rug Full View

But the best part is how much of a bargain it is! Since I wanted the same rug at a larger size I visited my good friend Google, and holy cow!  When I discovered how much this rug cost full price, I was pretty happy to have found the bargain even if I wasn’t the one benefiting from it. Check out the actual listing prices:  $99 vs. $931.20. 

That’s around 89% savings!  Hoping I can find a larger size for my home, but even if I don’t, it was still a great win/discovery.

#goodthingsfindyou, #whenyouleastexpectit, #bargainstorefrequentvisitbenefit

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