Attn. Parents: Must Have Monday, Keter Multi Dine High Chair

When we first learned that we were having a baby there were some registry items I researched thoroughly and others I didn’t.  One of the quick pick items was the high chair.  We went with Fisher Price’s Space Saver High Chair.  It was very functional for a long time, however, once Anya became a messy self feeder it became a nightmare to clean.  There are lots of cracks and crevices that you can’t easily access to clean without dismantling the chair with a screwdriver.  No bueno!  Plus I felt as if Anya could not sit upright and close to the table when the tray table was removed.

I started a quick search for something new and stumbled upon the Keter Multi Dine High Chair.  And thus far we love it!

  • 3 stages: High Chair, Booster Seat, and Junior Seat
  • 6M – 48M
  • Compact
  • Little Control Freak sits upright
  • Easy to clean!
  • Easy to assemble!

Anya loves it for different reasons

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Enjoying her new chair. #funnyface

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The product video sums it up beautifully, enjoy!

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