Take Time to Do What You Love – part deux

Taking time to do what you love is so very important. It keeps a part of you alive that you might not even realize disappears until it is gone. For many years of my life I was independent and on my own, and now life is much different.  Working full-time as a wife and mother creates new challenges to strike a balance between work and family obligations, as well as making sure to be true to yourself at the same time.  Is there an answer to this equation?  Sure there are many, but it’s not a one size fits all solution.

For the past few months my blog has been neglected, but for a good reason! Besides the aforementioned, I’ve been spending a lot of time collaborating with an incredible team and cast to choreograph West Side Story at Unionville High School.  My 11th show and I can hands down say this was the most rewarding experience both artistically and educationally.

West Side Story UHS 2015

I have never come across a cast, crew, and production team so talented, dedicated, humble and at the same time full of mutual respect for one another. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with synergy. The show was a huge success.  The cast and crew not only rehearsed like professionals but performed like professionals too. And although closing night is to be celebrated it was very bittersweet as I don’t think anyone (cast, crew, or production team alike) was ready to part ways. We truly became a family.  Might sound funny, but it is so true!

West Side Story UHS 2015


The kind words I received from cast members and the countless hugs night after night reminded me how important it is to take time to do what I love.  And although I love dance and the arts, I love paying it forward and educating even more.  The cast members over the years, and especially this year, have given me more than they can ever imagine; pride, reward, inspiration, actually there are no real words to really explain the feeling. Not to mention the choreographer that partnered with me will be a friend for life.

So enough with the emotional love fest.  And I know I’ve blogged about this topic before, but I frequently think about balance in family life and giving up activities that are near and dear to my heart.  Perhaps some day I will have to make a choice, family is always first, but while I can take time to do the things I love – I will.

Keep your passion alive, even if it is one thing that you can take time to do. You will be a better person for it and everyone around you will benefit too.

West Side Story UHS 2015 i-XJcDjgT-XL i-V8zKpm3-XL i-jvzKBN2-XL i-FnKhfg2-XL West Side Story UHS 2015 West Side Story UHS 2015 West Side Story UHS 2015 West Side Story UHS 2015 West Side Story UHS 2015 West Side Story UHS 2015

My WSS Family love you Muah!!

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