Dishwashers are the Real Heros

The majority of us have dishwashers, and no I’m not talking about your significant other.  We all use them religiously, but not always to our advantage.  This may be a no brainer, but here is something the Control Freak House started to implement.

We cook a lot, almost every meal, so our sink piles up quickly. In fact our dishwasher piles up quickly too, which leaves us with a good amount of dishes to wash by hand.  With out busy lives it dawned on me that leaving a few dirty dishes in the sink will not kill us.  GASP!  So uncontrolfreak like of me.  We could afford to soak up every second of time with our daughter or not to mention some extra sleep.  So if leaving a few dirty dishes in the sink buys you more time, do it!  Just rinse the dirty, so they don’t smell, and once you empty your dishwasher, immediately put in the dirty ones.


To prevent confusion in our house, on the days we operate like revolving doors, we leave a little note to ensure we know what’s clean or dirty.


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