Valentines on a Budget

Trying to save money and pay off bills is our MO these days. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, as in any holiday, that means spending.  Cards, school valentines, teacher valentines, etc. To save some money and time we got creative.

Valentines on a Budget

  1. Daycare Valentines
    Last year was more of a challenge as infants can’t really enjoy the sweet treats of the holiday, but I still got creative with a toy that each infant could enjoy.
    Infant Daycare Valentine
    This year, toddlers can enjoy more treats, but sugary ones might not be widely accepted.  So I went with a Pinspiration. “You’re Awesome Sauce Valentine.”

    Awesome Sauce
    I purchased several packs of applesauce (which is very reasonably priced, even in larger quantities), printed out a free “printable” from Delia of Delia Creates (on colorful paper I already had), and trimmed it with fancy scissors, add a little tape and voila – done!

  2. Cards
    While everyone loves getting a card in the mail, they can add up quickly! Make homemade cards with your little one. You are providing them with a fun activity and checking a valentine off your list. Attention grabber and money saver, win! Plus everyone appreciates gifts made by little hands from the heart. See pic at beginning of blog for the abstract masterpieces
  3. Teacher Valentine
    I’d love to say I was crafty, but this is the busiest time of year in the control freak house. To make sure all the teachers and helpers in Anya’s room equally benefit, I plan to purchase a dozen of my favorite (and most yummy) mini cupcakes from Cupcakes Gourmet.  I’ll place this card on the cupcake container.  (I came up with the catchy phrase, created the artwork in Microsoft Word and printed it on cardstock I already had.)
    Group Teacher Valentine

Happy Hallmark Holiday!  Oops I mean Valentine’s Day 🙂


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