No More Junk in the Trunk

Oh my god Becky look at her trunk!  NO this isn’t a Sir Mix-a-Lot remix, it’s a quick fix for the junk in your trunk, literally.  You know your rear end…of your car!  Get your head out of the gutter people!

When hubs and I found out we were having a child, we knew it was time for a car change.  Yes my poor convertible needed to be replaced for something more practical.  We were in search of an SUV, avoiding a mini van as most young adults do in hopes of hanging on to their young dignity, however, during our used car tango we couldn’t  find anything in our price range.  Once Anya arrived we made do with hub’s sedan as our main baby mobile, but after trying to put the jogging stroller in the trunk of his Ford Fusion, just twice, I had decided we should just bite the bullet and get a van.  Ahhhhh, yes I said it.  All our fellow parenting friends told us to skip the SUV and go right to the van, they wished they had.  So a day before our 3rd wedding anniversary we sealed the deal and purchased our beloved chariot, the Honda Odyssey, that’s right, your girlfriend rolls a Honda!

The convenience has been priceless, however the amount of space can lead to a lot of junk. Being a control freak, well I ain’t down with that.  I noticed lately that the few items we do keep get scattered about, and it drives me bananas!  No matter how large or small your trunk is, you may find these car organization tips useful.  Baby got back, to being organized.


Trunk Before


Trunk After

The great thing, I didn’t buy anything new.  I emptied out the trunk and utilized one of our grocery carriers to hold everything.  Grocery bags, jumper cables, a blanket, and Anya’s high chair cover.  They all fit!  Any other items that we no longer being used, such as Anya’s car seat cushion, were taken into the house for storage.  The best part about storing everything in one carrier?  If you need full trunk space you can easily pick up and out everything in one swoop.

Car Clutter


The small trunk compartments now hold our tire pressure gauge/pump as well as a first aid kit and flashlight.

P1150258 P1150259

In general we don’t keep a lot of clutter in our car, our back seats are bare minimum, however, I’m sure that will change as Anya grows up.  Headphones to the DVD player are in the seat pockets and we have a built-in trash can.  Pull the lever up from the center console in your van add a bag (doubled is best) and voila!  Instant trash can.

Built in Car Trash

If you don’t have the built-in trash can you can create one by easily hanging a lined bag with a 3M strip (or on a utility hook already in your vehicle) OR utilize a cereal Tupperware container (more spill proof).

The one thing I don’t like about the Honda is the huge center console doesn’t allow for anything to live inside of it neatly.  So I’ve bagged it, literally in Ziploc bags.  One bag contains napkins, paper plates, paper bowl (for Roxy of course); you never know when you need that on the road.  A second bag contains extra diapers and wipes.  A third smaller Ziploc bag contains an extra collar for Roxy, sunscreen stick, hand warmers, and hand lotion.  A fourth and final small Ziploc bag contains pens, since they seemingly accumulate in the car.  Leaning up against all the bags, a full-sized box of tissues.  I also have a hand sanitizer pump in the cup holder on the center console that gets used religiously.  Whatever you require to keep in your car, Ziploc bags are a great way to keep them from getting cluttered.

Car console

Inside the driver’s side door I have my safety hammer for emergencies (breaks glass), hand lotion, and an ice scraper.

Car Door

And I’m a huge advocate for no cell phone usage in the car!  Except when it is for a GPS device, this phone cradle does the trick so you can see the road and the map. Only $3.99.

Car Phone Holder

Here is some further Pinspiration

Another great way to store must have items, utilize a hanging shoe rack by adding pockets on the back of a seat

Place snacks in easy to pour spill proof containers.  Empty coffee creamers are great for these:

Happy Carganizing!



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