Post Christmas Home Updates

About a week after the New Year, it’s time to take down the Christmas Decorations and get the gifts organized in their new home.  Here are a few updates and re-orgs we did post-Christmas to sort out the chaos.

  1. Toys Toys and More Toys!  
    Clearly this will be a never-ending battle. And as I stated in my previous toys blog, distribute the wealth, if you don’t have a designated playroom.  So I decided to create a toy corner in Anya’s room.

    First, the library corner became an official reading nook.


    Nursery Reading Corner

    Nursery Reading NookReading Nook Anya
    Second, the rocking chair was removed and placed in the office.  We no longer use this, when we read to her it’s typically cuddled up on the floor where we have more space. So why waste that corner? Instead it now is home for all her stuffed critters and a few other toys.  Even Roxy has a new fluffed bed.


    Nursery Rocking Chair


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  2. Decorations
    Time to take em’ down!  At times I’m stumped as what I can leave up for winter.  Obviously all Santa items come down, but I often debate over my garland.  Then I thought about it, it’s my home so why not keep up what I want 🙂
    Here are things I keep out:
    – Snowmen
    – Evergreen garland with berries and snowflakes
    – Evergreen or glitter trees that look wintery and not Christmasy

    My faux chalk art was updated in the dining room to reflect winter and not Christmas.  In efforts to save money, and time running to the store, I just used the back of the burlap.  Worked out really well and it will be less to store!

    IMG_3595 P1150055 (2)

    Dining Room Winter Faux Chalk ArtDining Room Winter/Xmas Faux Chalk ArtDining Room Winter

  3. Clean Out
    The process of cleaning out and up our basement is a slow one, as anyone with a toddler will understand. Anya’s Nonna and Pop came down one Saturday so Mr. & Mrs. Control Freak could start this project. This was in efforts to be able to put our Christmas decorations away more efficiently. We started by hitting up our decoration containers and made sure they were packed and labeled efficiently, threw out decorations we did not want, and started a box for decorations that were up to par for donations.  This cleared up more empty containers for our incoming Christmas decor.  We also had a lot of baby toys and equipment that Anya has outgrown. We made sure to place them back in their original boxes, if we kept them, so they would remain dust free.  Any other remaining cardboard boxes that only created clutter were added to our recycling.  We now have 1/4 of the basement cleaned up!  The process will hopefully continue more quickly as we are trying to sort out items that will need to go to our garage. That’s immediately on the forefront, the long-term goal, getting the garage and basement set so we can finish the basement, wahoo!

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