Fashion Friday: Men’s Edition

Fashion Friday

I’ve had a request for a Guys Fashion Friday.  How do I dress my man?  Well first of all I don’t suggest forcing your man to wear anything, that might not bode too well for your coupling status.  If he is up for suggestions OR perhaps you are buying clothing as a gift, this might help! Perhaps I’ll feature Control Freak Hubster in some pics in the future, but for now here are some fashion tips and fashion faux pas to avoid.  Disclaimer, I’m certainly not an expert in this field 🙂

  1. Size is KEY
    This is probably the #1 mistake, wearing the incorrect size.  Perhaps you desire to fit in a smaller size, but being able to say you are wearing a size 4 label isn’t going to make you look like a size 4.  For both men and women, if you want to flatter yourself wear the CORRECT size.
  2. Fit (or Cut) is also KEY
    Mistake #1! Yes that’s right, this is equal importance to size.  So what’s the difference?  Size puts a number on your clothing (or letter S, M, L…), fit is the style and cut of an item.  Fortunately, modern-day fashion allows you to choose the fit of your clothing.  Especially for men.    Both shirts and pants have slim fit, relaxed fit, extra slim fit, etc.  Select the “fit/cut” that best matches your body type.  If you are a slender male you SHOULD NOT be wearing relaxed fit/regular jeans.  Please, PLEASE choose to wear slim fit or extra slim fit shirts and pants/jeans.  This looks cleaner, more flattering, and more professional.  Nothing looks more sloppy than uber baggy clothes.  It just screams “I Don’t Care!  I’m Lazy!”  To aim for the perfect fit, your clothing should fit slim but not snug or uncomfortable.  Check out these links for more detail:
  3. Dad Jeans
    That’s right, just like “mom jeans” there are “dad jeans” too.  See 1 and 2 to clean up your act and please go for a darker wash.  A jean that looks like the blue is practically rinsed out of it needs to go.  Most importantly check the rise of your jeans.  I know everyone’s body type is different, but if you are reaching for high-rise jeans, you might be bringing the dad jean back.
  4. Have your staples
    Of course you aren’t made of money, but you can have a few staples in your man’s closet that are versatile enough to keep your man stylish with plenty of options.  Check out my Pinterest Board for more Ideas and Tips


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