Never Too Late To Decorate!

Life in the control freak house is beyond busy, so while our first floor was decorated to the Christmas nines Thanksgiving weekend, the upstairs was never finished thanks to my never-ending kidney stone fiesta.  But it’s never too late!

I had really hoped to decorate, at the very least, Anya’s bedroom so it was festive and fun for her first “conscious” Christmas. I had spotted a really neat icy silver tree that would fit perfectly in her nautical nursery, however, $70 was WAY too steep for the touch of sparkle I wanted.  Fast forward to this week when I ran back in to Jo-Ann Fabrics for some last-minute wrapping supplies to find it 70% off!  Woo!  With Anya in cart, literally, we purchased the tree and voila!

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Anya's tree

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I bought some cheap Christmas balls for $2.99 and a few other decorations meant for decorating wreaths, only 75 cents.  I already had the string of white lights and snowmen bells for the final touch.

Wreath Decor for Tree Snowman Bell

The tree paired with holiday literature for bedtime story time was just what we needed.

Frosty the Snowman Snowmen at Night The Night Before Christmas and A Snowman Named Just Bob

Oh and a little Nutcracker Suite for a bedtime lullaby never hurts. So happy I got it done, but sort of sad it will be time to take it down before we know it! I love the joy and cheer of interior illumination, thanks Griswold.

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