Blogging Speed Bump

I’m not sure how other bloggers do it, keeping up with their creative and visually perfect posts and pics while managing real life behind the scenes.  I’ve definitely hit a speed bump.  Life’s been busy.

Illness struck the control freak house and circulated through with each family member suffering for about a week.  When one parent goes down it’s a game changer in how the whole house operates.  It didn’t help that I also have been suffering from kidney stones.  Those little stones took up a lot of time with doctors appointments and surgeries, but that’s finally behind us now.

In addition I’ve also started my musical rehearsals.  So much fun, but definitely time-consuming.

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Jets selfie #cool #go #crazy

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And then there is this little thing called Christmas.  You know it really should be two months long.  Not because I’m trying to push out the other holidays of the season, but the sheer amount of things that need to be done in 25 days can take away from the holiday cheer if you aren’t on top of your game.  However, we’ve managed to do a lot to enjoy the festive season with decorating, going to local amusement parks, etc.  I’m excited that we have a whole new adventure of Christmas ahead of us with a little one under the roof.

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Chop choo #dutchwonderland

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With all that said, I hope to get back to blogging after the holiday.  I sometimes second guess if I should keep it going, but every time I do that I say just try a little longer.  So we shall see!  Enjoy the holidays folks.

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