Home Christmas Tour

I love this time of year.  The lights, the music, just the general spirit is so uplifting.  While most people are out shopping Black Friday, I’m decorating every nook and cranny of my home.  The weekend after Thanksgiving is reserved just for that.  This way we have more time to enjoy it.  Here’s a quick tour of our Christmas decor.  Enjoy!

Front Porch & Yard

I love keeping it simple and using spotlights to feature porch decor.  I’ll have an updated photo shortly of the whole porch and yard, of course the bulb had to go out on one of my spot lights.  The sled was my childhood sled.  I purchased the garland at Michaels, 50% off, to make it look more festive.  Matching sprigs of the garland are inserted into the wreath on the front door.  I didn’t want to double up on bows (one on the sled and one on the wreath) so I took a primitive Santa and wired it to the wreath.


Entry Way & Dining Room

Above the front door is the nutcracker collection from my childhood.

Nutcracker Above Door Zoom

Nutcracker Above Door

The hallway mirror has some simple garland and decor to dress it up.

Entry Way Mirror

One thing I discovered a while back is that it can be hard to fit a whole strand of garland on your furniture.  There’s a simple fix for this.  Cut it!  This way you can place small sprigs of the garland easily amongst picture frames and other decor rather than wrestling with the whole strand and knocking everything on the floor.  It’s easy to reuse from year to year and you can always twist the garland back together to make a larger strand.

Garland Trim

The dining room might be my favorite this year!

P1150055 (2)

More nutcrackers on top of our dining room cabinet.  Loving this when it’s lit up at night!


Take notice to the updated chalk art for the Christmas Season.


A silver theme runs through the dining room.  Someone’s hiding in that Christmas Ball! 🙂

P1150058 (2) P1150067

As you leave the entry way I have decorated the Garage and Basement doors, adds a nice touch.

P1150070 P1150071

Living Room


Mantel Details, all items I owned or was gifted.  One way to change it up year to year is to swap out some of the sprigs in the garland.  This year’s theme was gold and mauve berries.  Michaels is a great place to find a variety of the colorful sprigs.

P1150079 P1150087 P1150085IMG_3634

The Staircase – the antique box holds our photo albums as well as popular Christmas books.

IMG_3686 IMG_3681

The tree, I used to struggle with choosing whether or not to have a matchy matchy decorated tree, but I always default to having an odds and ends tree.  Ornaments are collections from over the years and each capture some type of memory.  It’s whimsical and still very pretty.

P1150092 P1150090 P1150089 P1150084

Other Living Room decor

IMG_3682 IMG_3676

Our Florida Room off the Kitchen

P1150099IMG_3700 P1150096IMG_3689


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