Control Freak’s Top 5 Favorite Gifts to Give & Receive

I know I’m no Oprah Winfrey with her favorite things special, can you imagine reaping the benefits of that, but I do have my own short list of gifts I like to give and receive.  There’s nothing über special about the list, but it may give you an idea if you are stuck in a rut:

1. Bath and Body Works CandlesBath and Body Works Winter Candle

I fell in love with their candles when I worked for them during my college years.  They smell great, burn evenly, and last a long time.  Plus you can upcycle the nice glass jars when the candle is finished burning.

2. Giftcards

How unoriginal!  I know, people think giftcards are not personal and what fun is it opening an envelope.  There’s no getting around this old standby, it’s still a good gift and it doesn’t have to be exclusively for clothing stores.  I like to receive giftcards to places I know I will drop a lot of cash throughout the year such as my hair salon, gas stations, Shutterfly, etc. Keep the magic alive by creatively wrapping the giftcard so your recipient doesn’t expect it.

3. BirchboxBirchbox

This is the gift that keeps on giving!  Birchbox is a $10 monthly subscription service — you fill out a beauty profile, and then every month, a little box of high-end beauty samples arrives at your doorstep. This is a great gift for men and women.  It’s inexpensive and you have the choice of giving a 3-month, 6-month, or 1 Year subscription.  It’s almost as if Christmas could exist all year round!

4. Experience

That’s right, give the gift of an experience.  Let’s face it, not all of us need gifts and an experience that creates a lifetime of memories is much more valuable than any materialistic item.  Help build memories for families, couples or individuals by purchasing tickets or passes for: Movie Theaters, Aquariums, Amusement Parks, Museums, Ski Resort Lift Tickets, Concerts, Shows, Train/Transportation tickets to visit a city, etc.  Even better, if  a couple has kids, pay for their experience and watch the kids 🙂

5. Coin, Dough, Benjamins, Denaro, Moola

Whatever word you have for Cash Money, it’s still one of the best gifts you can give. Your gift recipient will appreciate the gift of choice vs. the nice wool sweater they’ll only wear to next year’s ugly sweater Christmas party.


Be creative.  You can create themed gift packs that are inexpensive, but visually they look amazing! This Christmas I plan to…wait, hold up I can’t share what I’m doing it will ruin the surprise for my gift recipients!  And to be quite honest, I was never the kid who snooped around to see what my parents were hiding.  I wanted the magic of Christmas and the surprise.  Yes sappy and corny I am!  I’ll share my creative gifts post-Christmas and you can beg, borrow, and steal the ideas for next year.  Happy Shopping!

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