Sunday Suppers: You CAN Have Your Ranch Dressing and Eat it Too

Sunday Suppers

I know when it comes to dressings and dips, that Ranch dressing is not healthy for you.  Just a glance at the back of a sour cream container, with a recommended serving size of 2 Tablespoons, should give you the hint.  Who can stick to 2 Tablespoons!  Well, I’m here to tell you that you can have your ranch dressing and eat it too.

Instead of banning the creamy goodness from your diet you can alter the recipe.  Sure there are many recipes for making the seasoning from scratch, but I prefer a quick fix.  Instead of mixing your Ranch Seasoning with sour cream/mayo, use nonfat Greek yogurt instead.  I think it tastes better and it’s much more healthy.  One serving of nonfat Greek yogurt is 1 cup, that’s 8 fluid oz vs. 2 Tbsp if you use sour cream.  Now I’m not condoning you indulge in a full cup of ranch dressing at a time, but when it comes time to enjoy your veggies and dip or even some creamy dressing for your salad, you can do so guilt free.

You’re welcome:)

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