Black Friday Shopping in Your Slippers

The countdown is on!  We are days away from the biggest shopping season, let alone week, of the year.  Yes I’m talking about Black Friday.  But Black Friday is no longer the biggest deals and steals shopping day of the season.  There is Cyber Monday and who knows how many other token termed days.  Put it this way, beginning next week you’ll start seeing steep discounts everywhere.

Personally, I don’t participate in the in-person Black Friday bonanza.  Because you no longer have to! Instead I prefer to sit on my comfy couch and take advantage of the deals more quickly and without the hassle. How do I do that?  It’s easy.  Plan ahead!  Here’s how you can prepare to maximize your holiday shopping savings, without leaving your couch (or your pajamas):

1. Make a list and check it twice!
We’ve already discussed how you can create an efficient wish list for you and your family, but I’m talking about everyone else. You know the folks YOU are buying for.  If you haven’t already, make a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for and specify what you want to purchase for each of them. Not only does this help you stick to a budget, it also helps you have a strategic shopping plan.

2. Scout the Stores
Once you have your shopping list you can choose where you want to purchase the items.  Since I like to capitalize on the cyber sales, I find the sites I want to shop and bookmark them.  Sometimes more than one store for one gift item, because you never know who will have the better deal.

3.  How do you find the better deal and when they will release? 
A lot of sites and stores will announce this ahead of time, but they don’t always reveal all of their deals.  So starting Tuesday, before Thanksgiving, I’ll do a daily check on my bookmarked sites to scout the sales.  Takes 5 minutes, worth the savings and the lack of frustration I’ll have if I miss the deal.

4. Close the deal
I’ll purchase my items once they go on sale.  So what if your chosen gift doesn’t go on sale?  Well then you need to decide, are you willing to pay full price?  Willing to wait and see if it does go on sale? Willing to change-up your gift list?  This is your choice and you have time to make that decision, as I said, more sales will come. Most likely you’ve scored at least a few sales which will help you out on your overall list.

Now grab your coffee, turn on the fireplace, sit back, and enjoy the most productive and crowd free Black Friday:)

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