Coat Closet Refresh for Winter

Have you ever noticed that closets have a lot of unused space?  I have!  I’m always bothered by the height of closets and how we only use about 3/4 of it.  While we don’t have a lot of money to do anything fancy to our coat closet, we were able to maximize our space at minimal costs.


Coat Closet Before

Coat Closet Unused Space


We moved up the existing shelf that the coats hang from, taking up that black hole of unused closet space.  This allowed for more storage below the coats where we added another shelf for items such as hats, gloves, scarves, etc.  Additional shelf purchased at Home Depot with appropriate hardware for approximately $25.

Coat Closet After

I purchased 6 canvas baskets from  I would have loved fancy colorful baskets, but sometimes function and funding trumps fashion.  List price for the baskets, $30. Control Freak expense, FREE, thanks to my Discover Card Reward Points!  I filled the baskets with hats, gloves, scarves, rain gear, etc.  And voila!  A more spacious ORGANIZED closet.  Ahhh, I feel so much better now!

Canvas Basket Filled Canvas Basket

Each control freak household member has a basket to house their winter gear, Anya’s basket contains some jackets that aren’t worn frequently enough to take up hanging space (which you can see is limited with our love of trendy coats).  Rain Gear and bags have a basket and even Roxy gets her own:)

Lower Shelf After Individual Baskets

At one point I wanted to have space on the floor for our shoes, but no matter how much we try, we typically have more shoes than the closet floor can house at one time.  So I stopped fighting that battle and have allowed a shoe rack next to the garage door with a “shoe drip pan,” not sure what else to call it, below the shoes to catch dirt.  This was the old shoe rack from our bedroom closet that we replaced with better shoe shelving, re-purposed!  No shoes in the coat closet leaves space on the floor for laptop bags, purses, a basket filled with workout gear, a standby rug for extremely rainy/snowy days, and space for our vacuum to sit until we find a place to hang it in the garage.

Shoe Station

To keep the closet organized, I took items that are not frequently worn/used and placed them in the cedar chest in the living room.  This includes various types of jackets, snow suits, blankets, and bags.  This way they are out-of-the-way, but close by for when we need them.  We ended up swapping out the cedar chest in the living room (once where the toys lived) with the hallway cedar chest (where the extra outdoor gear once lived) because the hallway chest is bigger.  And of course after Anya’s birthday she needed more space for all her new toys.

Living Room Cedar Chest Living Room Cedar Chest Contents

I used more of my Thirty One bags for keeping her toys contained.  One bag for little toys, one bag for bigger toys, and one bag for arts and crafts materials.  This makes it easy to pull toys in and out of the chest, plus Anya loves putting toys away.  Placing them in the bags allows her to help as the chest is still too big for her to reach.  Won’t be long though!  We’ll be installing some safety hinges on the chests in the near future.

Toy Organization

That ends the coat closet refresh and rotation of storage just in time for the cold weather!  When more money and time allows we will likely paint the closet and perhaps purchase some matching hangers, both which are not priority at the moment.

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