There’s a Reason & a Season for Everything


WOWWIntroducing Words of Wisdom Wednesday!  I’m not claiming to be the wisest person around, but I do love quotes!  I’ll be sharing ones that have really struck a chord with me over the years, and when times get tough some of them remind me how to cope and calm my control freak self.  Some posts will simply be the quote, some may have a story behind it.  Here comes the first edition!

Reason Season Lifetime QuoteI have always loved this quote, but I replace “People” with “Things,” simply because I believe it applies to everything that happens in life.  As a control freak, I always want a detailed explanation for why things happen, but not everything is so black and white.

When I hear my twenty-something colleagues talk at work, I remember the days when I could relate to the saga stories of love and opportunities lost, agonizing over the “why me!” Whatever the drama was, it felt like there was no hope on the horizon and I’d be stuck in the ongoing black cloud cycle of disappointment and despair.  Missed job opportunities, love lost, friendships broken, this may seem like a long list of failures, but they happen for a reason.  When things “don’t work out,” it means just that. They didn’t work out!  I know control freaks this may seem like an unacceptable answer.  It’s the hardest lesson to learn.  What you can accept is that something better, more suited for you, is down the road and you probably needed to experience this “failure” to become the better happier YOU.  It’s not always clear in the moment, but at some point the light bulb will go off and you’ll say, “Ahh…Eureka!  Thank god!”

And if you are still struggling, remember, just because a relationship didn’t work it, it doesn’t mean that the love or friendship at the time wasn’t real, it was!  So hold onto the good memories and learn from the bad ones.  As for a job opportunity that didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean you weren’t qualified.  The list of examples goes on and on.

When I look back on my long run of healthy failures I can see why I needed to experience all of them.  Some failed relationships brought me job opportunities, laughter when I needed it most, etc.  Steve Harvey said it best in an example of pulling a wagon uphill, he may be relating it more to business, but I think it applies to life.

So as you celebrate hump day put this in your back pocket, things happen for a reason and a season, and when something isn’t there for a lifetime don’t fret as it might have otherwise slowed your wagon from reaching ultimate happiness.


Linking up WOWW (Words of Wisdom Wednesday) with some fellow bloggers on What I Wish Wednesday. Enjoy!

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