Little Monster 1st Birthday Party

Happy First Birthday Anya!  The milestone of your child’s first birthday is as much a celebration of them as it is a parenting win.  We survived the first year!  We celebrated Anya’s first birthday party this past weekend with a fun Little Monsters Theme.  I’m not a princess type of gal, perhaps Anya will be some day, so I wanted to do something different for her first birthday party theme.  Sticking with the time of year, I took in the Halloween holiday and put a kid friendly spin on it including lots of fun bright colors.  I had so much fun pinning, planning, and crafting for this cute party.

Festive parties are all about the details, and that’s what made Anya’s party so much fun!  Take a peek into our fun festivities and the little details that made it so memorable.


Control Freak Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  My mom and I tag teamed invitations.



Little Monster Favors

CF Tip: When hosting a fall party, use pumpkins and a sharpie for signs instead of paper. Bonus, pumpkins were from my father in law’s garden.

Little Monster Treats

CF Tip: Homemade Monsters.  Homemade favors can save you cash, plus everyone appreciates a gift made with love.  My mom and I tag teamed these frightful friends.  Patterns can be downloaded from various websites, mostly for free!  This was a Pinspiration favor for sure.  Search for Felt Monsters on Pinterest for more ideas and details.

Adopt a Monster

CF Tip:  Little odds and ends are always fun.  Oriental trading can be a great site for non sugary goodies.  I knew most of the little monsters attending the party would have already scored a lot of candy on Halloween so I went for some non edible treats: Pencils, Bendable Monsters, Play-Doh, Monster Rubber Ducks, etc.

Little Monster Favors P1140829


CF Tip: The most coveted meal of the party day, dessert!  Displaying your dessert creates decoration for the party and having a variety of treats is appetizing to both eyes and tummies.

Dessert TableDessert Table Closeup

Monster cupcakes and Smash Cake purchased for the party.

Monster Cupcakes Monster Cupcake Closeup 1 Monster Cupcake Closeup 2 Monster Cupcake Closeup 3 Monster Smash Cake

CF Tip: Make some of your own desserts.  This will help offset the cost of only having professionally made treats.  And again, ask for help!  My mom and mother in law both made cookies, which was a huge help.  I made Oreo Truffle Mummy Cake Pops, they are so easy to make!  Pictured below are the Oreo truffles and ricotta cheese cookies, hands down the most delectable desserts ever! (Go with desserts that match your party theme)

Oreo Truffle Mummy Sign Oreo Truffle Mummies Ricotta Cheese Cookies


With Little Monsters attending, I wanted to make sure there were things for them to do!  First fun activity was to come in your Halloween costume, super fun for kids, super cute for the adults.  Peacock and Mom Cowgirl and Fish

Chalkboard pumpkins were easy and fun.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t allow for this outside, but we brought it in to our garage.  I spray painted pumpkins with chalkboard paint and left chalk for kids to pick and decorate the pumpkins.

Chalkboard Pumpkin

Otherwise Little Monsters were content playing with toys in the house

Little Monsters Playing


I’m a fan of homemade food, but I know that’s not always possible, again ask for help.  Between myself, my parents, and my in laws, we were able to provide a tasty homemade spread.  Here was the menu:

  • Pulled Pork (crock pot)
  • Crock pot Mac n Cheese
  • Tortellini Soup (crock pot)
  • PA Dutch Chicken Pot Pie (crock pot)
  • Hot Apple Cider (with Aspen Mulling Spice in a crock pot)
  • Salad
  • Veggie Tray
  • Fruit Tray
  • Homemade Hot Bologna
  • Deviled Eggs (Halloween Spider Themed)
  • Taco Dip
  • Variety of Chips

To allow for more space in the house we put the spread in our garage.  We hung paper lanterns from Oriental Trading to make the space a bit more festive.  (space heater to keep it warm and a candle to keep it smelling like Fall)

Food in Garage



My mom and I goofing around.

Mom and Amy
Cake time, complete with birthday bib from Mainely Mary!  She has super cute stuff check it out.

Treat time!

ACE_5197 ACE_5200

Costume change post cake, borrowing another little monster’s hat.


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