Kids Closet Fall Flip

My closet wasn’t the only one that was flipped for Fall, so did Anya’s.  In her first year, Anya has gone through so many closet changes.  As she gets older she needs less “baby” accessories and more space for bigger clothing, and best of all, shoes!  Here’s a look at where we are now and how we stay organized and efficient during the week.

The nursery closet is not very big, but it does the trick.  The closet’s top shelf holds three Pottery Barn canvas baskets, each basket contains a size range of hand-me-down clothing that Anya does not fit into yet.  I love these baskets because they are functional and decorative!  Our extra diapers get stacked to the left of the Pottery Barn baskets. Looks like we need more!  As for hanging real estate, there isn’t much, which is fine as most of Anya’s clothing fits in her dresser.   You’ll notice an additional canvas basket on top of the shelving unit.  This tames unused hangers which not only keeps a clean look in the closet, but also prevents them from linking together like a barrel of monkeys.  That brings us down to the white cube shelving that has served us well.

P1140511 P1140512

Each cubby has its own function.  Most importantly, the top middle cube that contains preplanned outfits.  This is a HUGE help to us during the week.  We can grab and go, rather than spend time pulling together matching parts.  It’s also a great help to hubs who’s still refining his fashionista skills.

P1140515 P1140520

The top right cube always contains daycare backup outfits.  Why do we need this vs. the middle outfits cube?  Daycare backup outfits have iron on name labels inside of them (because they stay at daycare).  It’s easier to have them always live here instead of rooting through all her clothing to find which ones are labeled vs. which ones are not.


Inside the closet door I have two 3M hooks.  This is where we hang lightly worn clothing that can be worn again.  Most of the time it houses pajamas that we go back and forth between depending on the ever changing Fall temperature.  Can’t wait until Anya is big enough to organize all her goodies with me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Kids Closet Fall Flip

  1. This is really great!! Thanks for all the great tips. I’m going to get the shelving today. The bottom of my son’s closet is always a mess.

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