Control the Germs!

The control freak is down for the count.  The Fall sniffles have hit our home.  So instead of controlling clutter i’m controlling germs.  Sure there are plenty of ways to do this, but here are a few tips.

Most likely you have a station for the day that you aren’t straying from.  Make sure it has everything you need so you can stay comfy and rest.

P1140533 (2)

Gather your entertainment.

P1140535 (2)

You’ve got your tissues, but do you have a tissue trash bag?  Keep a bag close by for trash instead of laying germ carriers on a table, yuck!

P1140553 (2)

Drink, drink, drink!  Make sure to have water and perhaps some tea to get you through the day.  I prefer to have a straw with my water, somehow that makes it easier when sick 🙂


Take your medicine.  I write down the time of my last dose, because in the sickness haze you can sometimes forget.


Keep it clean.  With all the sneezing and runny noses, it doesn’t hurt to have some sanitizing wipes near by.  Washing hands is key to not spreading germs, but in between washes and sneezes I reach for my antibac so not to spread germs to the TV remote.


Now time for lunch and the best medicine, chicken soup!  Stay healthy peeps.


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